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Jake Middleton 5 months
Can people sue colleges that use affirmative action? And what’s the difference between bribing your way in or having the government bribe your way in? Both end with someone else missing out unfairly.

No.Reply 5 months
well this could potentially pay off some school debt

M.Twain 5 months
Proof of what everyone knew, rich white kids only get in because of mommy and daddies money.
Alex B 5 months
Let's wait on the race baiting until we see what the other 48 people involved are.
M.Twain 5 months
You know the vast majority are rich white folks, this is how they roll. They buy their elitism, they don't earn it.
Fuchs 5 months
White man bad.

Mr. B 5 months
Wack. Just not nice.

Kjax 5 months
Bribery among the elite?? What a surprise.