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Notsurewewillsee 4 months
Is this really a surprise to anyone? Frankly the Republicans and Democrats are the same in the essence they just have a few superficial differences that on a national scale shouldn’t even be in the mix as those differences belong to local and state levels.

CoLpOeSnED 4 months
obviously, he wouldn't have considered it an emergency if he doesn't veto it..

Miles O'Brien 4 months
No comments from the dictator-for-life Trump camp?
SimonR 4 months
What do you want them to say? "Gee golly I never saw this coming!"

FoodNotBombs 4 months
conservatives are against eminent domain until they are for it

Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months
Republicans are their own worst enemy, even when the Democrats are down for the count they can't rally together and build a damn wall.
MacrossMX 4 months
That's how Trump operates. His definition of a liberal is someone who dares to oppose him. but never fear, Mitch McConnell will bring out his cattle prod and put those Republicans in their place, like he always does (his wife is not done with getting more favors done through Trump after all).
CoLpOeSnED 4 months
dontcha just hate representative democracies? why can't one person just, I dont know.. dictate what to do and it gets done! :P
MEIJIN44 4 months
Isn't it Interesting that when people elect representatives that don't represent what they say they will that they get annoyed. It seems like the same issue that got Donald Trump got voted in for is what's going to get his political opponents axed. Just saying more people are grandstanding than actually doing what's good for the American people. Like addressing issues like the indoctrination or children, floods of illegal migrants, and last but not least the censoring Americans by American companies. I think 2020 is going to be a dumpster fire and if I didn't have dietary standards or strong concepts of sanitary conditions I would roast marshmallows on the pile. Republican or Democrat I could give less than two fucks. If the invasions of unknown people into a country where they can do whatever they want on the taxpayers dime is not an emergency... Well we might as well go ahead and throw the whole country away and start anew. When was the last time we had a good war. I mean the left is gearing up for one and the right are going to keep their guns over their dead bodies as they say. I thought there was no such thing as a good war but I guess if reason can't prevail and we all get lies no matter what flavor we pick. Might as well put things into perspective the old fashion way. That way we get to see what people are willing to fight for. What hills they are really willing to die on... need I say more. This shit is getting old. both sides are gearing up I am at the point where I feel they should fight it out. I mean we might as well arm the Republicans and Democrats in the capital and those surviving get to keep their seats. We elect a new batch of candidates for those who didn't survive. It's only fair. We did vote them in to settle differences and represent the people. Bet you it will be a civil war the politicians will never forget. I mean televise it and bet on which side comes out on top. I mean I am sick of the people dying for bad political decisions. It is the politicians turn. So let them have at it. Is it a shitty way to govern a country yes. But it would be an extreme reminder that actions matter more than words along with whom instead of what they represent.

M.Twain 4 months
I am shocked and very pleased that my Senator Blunt stood up for the Constitution and put his usual Republican Hackery to the side, bravo Roy.
Andrew Colomy 4 months
He's just gonna veto it.
M.Twain 4 months
Doesn't matter this is a shot across his bow and could be used in the Courts to show Trump's overreach. The President does not control the purse, Congress does. This needs to be stopped now unless you want the next Democratic President to do the same thing which they will.
Gaz Matic 4 months
He signed his own demise. He won’t get re-elected