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Miles O'Brien 8 months
Thinking that a videogame, or social media is reality is a mental illness. Parents being enablers is the cause.

Miles O'Brien 8 months

Seth Harpenger 8 months
i wander why they might be anxious wheneveryone is sheltered and all the old media says isdoom and gloom

rj9955hi 8 months
It is caused by the deterioration of society and people allowing immorality to flourish in culture.

U WOT M8 8 months
Probably an increase in mental health conditions in white males because they are constantly demonized by liberals.

Luke Duke 8 months
Oh, but Nancy Pelosi thinks it's a good idea that these kids vote... I wonder why...

Paris Cloud 8 months
I wonder if part of it is aluminum getting in the brain from adjuvants.

Nick Record 8 months
Capitalism, lack of consistency in integrity, veteran-church-college-CIA-FBI-NSA organized social control and harassment, they can tell its happening even if they don't know what to say about it. American culture is all on film and the rich want to preserve it.
Jake Middleton 8 months
Capitalism? Are you for real?

Magister Mortran 8 months
The Social Justice Warrior phenomenon is part of it.

Mister Manager 8 months
My understanding of the data is social media, and mobile devices in general, contribute to this problem. The irony is not lost on me that I'm using my phone to leave this comment.

Rational ific 8 months
More safe spaces than ever, yet more depression than ever.

neo the one 8 months
theres an app for that

CoLpOeSnED 8 months
I'd like to say that it is a lot of pressure to be in such a competitive educational environment where if you aren't the best you naturally feel like a shithead. not only that, but the student debt and to work aswell as study is difficult to say the least. I'm not saying it can't be done but not everyone is diligent enough. (and I know this study is linking it to social media, which certainly plays a part. This is really my own opinion)

FirstCensorshipThenJail 8 months
Might be because of all that mythical white guilt the lunatics are pumping out.

David O'Doherty 8 months
This is direct result of leftist degeneration of our culture.. find "your truth man" "just have fun and party man" "just bang as many chicks as possible man". Degenerates deserve depression.

MightyMargulis 8 months
in a culture that makes victimhood a commodity, young people raised in this culture self declare that they have a mental illness and therefore have victim currency. can you blame them, this bs is all they know.

Jason J Mitchell 8 months
When they are constantly lied to...

Ghost of a Dead Sperm 8 months
It's probably expectations and society normalizing the emotions. When media is all negative except for the small dopamine rushes from likes and life not going their way no matter what they want, they're gonna feel negative. And with expectations increasing, its gonna make everyone feel shitty. An honest first step would be just being more positive in life. Another one is de-emphazising school and encouraging people to become more self-made and going after feasible and more realistic dreams

SimonR 8 months
Left wing

O'Connor 8 months
these seem like loose correlations. Also, is there an increase in accuracy, more accuracy or too much diagnosis?