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Emilios Georgiou 1 weeks
Lack of Direction, responsibility and meaning, indulging in materialistic Bullshit and virtue signalling for a hit of dopamine, until next time you are in need of it. The West is dying...
Fonky Munk 1 weeks
I remember when facebook came out while I was in high school and I thought the same thing. It’s just more opportunity for people to flaunt about how much they drink, and how many sluts they can fuck, and how much money they can spend. This was in 2006. It’s now almost 15 years later and we are still pretending that the social currency of likes and retweets isn’t giving us all cancer. Social media is doing this. Yet we can’t break free because the internet is where information and ideas live. It’s where we absorb art and entertainment. Social media is effectively becoming a drug. It feels good to use in the moment but it slowly takes years and years and years off of our lives. We need to squash it. Squash it all. But it will never happen...
MEIJIN44 1 weeks
The internet issue is the greatest testament to a generation that thought they knew better. I don't mean millennials by the way I mean gen-Xers. Most of them didn't check or care what their kids were doing. Their kids danced circles around them all the while they thought they knew what they were doing. Teachers were no better. Took them 5 years to get around to notice kids were using proxies to get around their blocks. When they finally did they tried to watch our screens. We made proxies with translucent screens. They thought we were reading text books while we were on YouTube and Facebook. It only took a week for students to figure out the surveillance technology was low quality and really small. Translucent pages could be placed over it easy and they would be none the wiser. Some teachers caught students and straight up didn't care. I thought it was hilarious when teachers tried to keyword block internet explorer. We used Netscape, Opera, Comet, and Mozilla Firefox. If adults recognized their arrogance and ignorance they could have stopped the rise of the independent child. They should have explored the internet thoroghly before handing the internet to children. They thought child safe sites and parental locks would stop us. The moral of the story is don't underestimate something you don't understand. So many parents got their AOL accounts stolen by their own kids because they left their passwords under their mousepads or on the back of the tower. I assure you that children were exploring and controlling the internet before parents even learn about Facebook or Google.
Thomas Kline 6 days
Meijin.. Yes exactly! You grow up with it, it becomes 2nd nature.. Which is why I'm in IT now. Now they have invisible apps lol.

Ben B. 1 weeks
Sharp increase in fatherless homes perhaps? Nah, the SJW's say that's sexist, so that can't be it.
g00gle minus 1 weeks
It's not sexist, it's just one piece of an enormously complex psycho-social puzzle.
TaC0CaT Esq. 6 days
Has the amount of children living in a single parent home increased the last 10 years?
TheeSabin 6 days

Deadman 0_0 1 weeks
Like how in the 80's and 90's many kids were diagnosed with ADD or ADHD when they were just being stupid kids. I'd say it's more likely the teens are just overly sensitive idiots screaming in comment sections.
Stephen 1 weeks
it's not really a rise in mental health cares, it's a broadening of qualifications for those cases. For example, I was diagnosed with ADD around 12 and have been on prescription grade stimulants until I had to quit due to the strain they put on my heart. My biggest symptom is that I am more scatter-brained than most people. But they would consider me to be a mental health case, because I couldn't sit still as a kid.
RebornZA 1 weeks
This is not 90s. Nice try though.
SharkCat 1 weeks
They were raised by Gen X parents, so it makes sense they are miserable.

Beefy G 1 weeks
Is this counting "identitarians" and the sexually transitioning trenders?

AD C 1 weeks
I wouldn't be surprised if social media played a part. it causes to many people to worry far too much about what other mass of people think instead of what they themselves and close family and friends think.
David Eggleston 1 weeks
Ban Facebook if it saves 1 Life!

Havoc44 1 weeks
trillions in debt to a university they were told to go to to get a good job. gets out and finds out experience or connections is what matters... also notice that good parenting died in the sixties after perents ether became overprotective or neglectful. hense they don't have much knowledge about ethics outside of SJW logic pushed by there proffs. I'm not shocked they want socialism tbh smh...
bern2020 1 weeks
dude that shit is so true.
Watheverable GRAMPS 3 days
Are you saying the Feminist Indigenous African Gender Dance Majors won't find a well-paying job?! That's discriminatory!
Havoc44 3 days
no offense Gramps but if we're so bad what does that say about the generation that raised us?

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
Self-report is unreliable at best.
g00gle minus 1 weeks
This^ Self diagnosis is iffy at best. Please let the actual mental health professionals determine these things. If you or someone you know thinks you or a loved one is depressed then seek professional help.
Ekitchi Hoshi 6 days
suicide rates are an objective measure though.

RaiRai 1 weeks
The ones I know that have "mental health" problems are all bunch of snowlflakes.
g00gle minus 1 weeks
Yeah, the Nazis and the white supremacists sure are a bunch of snowflakes.
SharkCat 6 days
@G00gle What the fuck are you talking about??

Opher Simani 1 weeks
Maybe it's just because they're are more kids this generation and our methods of detection are increasing and the definition is broadening.
Sean M 1 weeks
Could be the reduction of stigma around mental health and people becoming more comfortable admitting they feel a certain way.
Bones 6 days
No lets just blame social media. Thats the only thing different with this generation in comparison to the older gens.It couldnt possibly be something so logical as the definitions, diagnosis techniques, or stigma changing. /s While I agree there are some problems that need to be addressed with social media, I dont think it's correct to whole blame it for the increase in depression and suicide.

Stew Sterling 1 weeks
I find it funny how many people just demean youth when things like this come up. I would suggest you look into water pollutants and the massive amounts of metals and hormones we Americans intake daily.

sulphide g 1 weeks
partial blame for divisive press and politicians

Graham Meek 1 weeks
Might be because of all that mythical white guilt the lunatics are pumping out.

Jason J Mitchell 1 weeks
When they are constantly lied to...

Chris Bebb 1 weeks
so, why is Shaggy on the cover image?

SRC t 1 weeks
left wings teacher preaching politics will do that to you.

drakethesnake 1 weeks
14-25 year olds have incredibly high scuicide rates, and are mentally unstable. They shouldn't be allowed in the military.
Daddy Tito 1 weeks
40% suicide rates?

SharkCat 1 weeks
tHEy arE jUST snOwFlaKEs... hurRr dURr!!

Miles O'Brien 5 days
Thinking that a videogame, or social media is reality is a mental illness. Parents being enablers is the cause.

(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
Maybe is kids learned to go outside and to interact face to face this would be less of a problem.

Aight Bradley 1 weeks
Unhealthy lifestyles where they spend so much time on the internet and are submerged in propaganda and promotion of other dysfunctional ideologies and ideas and told they are the norm. I am not surprised...