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Cory Pritchard 5 months
I trust scientists over fossil fuel lobbyists and politicians they influence.
Turn N Burn 5 months
Oh good. Because a consensus is science now. We threw the scientific method out long ago.

M.Twain 5 months
Really Gramps, everything in the Green New Deal. Let's look at just one, Single Payer Healthcare. According to the CATO report paid for by the Koch Brothers, single payer would save $2 Trillion over a ten year period, HPHR's study show's it would save the US $5 trillion over 10 years. Other benefits would take the onus of healthcare off the employer's backs and allow them to hire full time instead of contractors or part-time in order to avoid the burden of healthcare. Better mental health not only in the worker but their children, this has been proven in multiple studies. Life expectancy would start to go back up as opposed to decades of decline in the US. When you look at the big picture and real numbers much of the Deal is realistic and has a pretty good ROI. Now I won't make the blanket statement you did and say all is good because it's not. The guaranteed job is not a good idea, instead of just corporate drones, we would now have an increase in Government drones doing makeshift work. Andrew Yangs Freedom Dividend is a much more thought out and doable solution to the problem of loss of jobs due to robots, AI and software.
Andre Gerard 5 months
Do you just copy past that all over the Internet? It's misleading as it had been pointed out to you before, but I guess anything Bernie Sanders says can instantly be carved in stone...
M.Twain 5 months
AG, those are my words based on information I have gathered from multiple sources. Please point out with real facts what I said was in error, instead of just claiming I'm wrong with zero facts to back your claim. If it hadn't been for the Democrats in 73, we would have National Health today as proposed by the Nixon Admin.
Andre Gerard 5 months
I have done so before, you just ignore every argument anyone ever makes or change the topic completely.

Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
Hyperbole aside the green new deal is unfeasible unrealistic and unnecessary.

Mod Okay 5 months
I mean there will be a massive genocide if as a society we don't combat climate change, so I do not know how finding alternative energy sources and working to give people a living wage is "genocide". This is just red meat fear mongering.

Andre Gerard 5 months
You don't need a Bishop to figure that one out! A five year old can tell you the green new deal is going to collapse society and will kill people!

M.Twain 5 months
Just another Chicken Little Republican, he is only worried that it could affect the dark money he pockets, doesn't give a shit about his constituents.