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Robert Hicks 6 months
Better not write anything here about islamic terrorism or else your comment will be hidden...

SimonR 6 months
This is why you keep them from entering your country.
Vault Tec USA 6 months
White guys?
SimonR 6 months
They're not white, retard.
Vault Tec USA 6 months
Cause thats who did the murders

Watheverable GRAMPS 6 months
This CLEARLY has nothing to do with Islam, nothing to see here, move along!
richard tracy 6 months
They were going after law enforcement and government. Does that ring a bell of prior domestic attacks?
Watheverable GRAMPS 6 months
@Richard I wonder 🤔

Gaz Matic 6 months
Why aren’t they being repatriated? I swear American politicians have a death wish
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
I disagree. They should be reprimanded and put to trial, then granted a proper punishment.

Vashman 6 months
about damn time. Bullshit they weren't charged the first time.
Captain Obvious 6 months
weren't they released without charges of any kind?
Vashman 6 months
yes, back in August, the judge dropped all charges and they were released. I didn't undestand it at the time. Perhaps they were trying to bring different charges to them.
Captain Obvious 6 months
idk, NM is a bit stupid regarding being tough on sensitive topics like Muslims and liberals...thankful to be outta there

JL Nothere 6 months
Who is really surprised by they are facing terrorism related charges.

Pj Sina 6 months
that sounds about right robert

Captain Obvious 6 months
Boy, that Jussie Smollet can't stay outta trouble can he?

Sonic Boom (CorpsmanMcLovin) 6 months
My question is; who ordered the site to be bulldozed before the FBI could begin their investigation?
pir8prod 6 months
There is so much more to this than the govt and media are letting on.

Planned Obsoylescence 6 months
Hey, where is Phillip?