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Thumper Plexed 6 months
"Social Media Influencer" AKA I make sure to hashtag whatever brand name my tits and ass are falling out of this week.

david dindu 6 months
she never needed to go to college in the first place

VaasDC 6 months
influencers are trash and all fake. payless shoes pretty much demonstrated that..

Virtual Signals 6 months
The new puritans of the Left who fervently believe in punishing children for sins of their parents.
Miles O'Brien 6 months
I hope you're not going to say that this twit, Olivia Jade didn't know she was admitted to USC as a member of the rowing team, while never having actually rowed competitively in school? This idiot went on her social media platform to brag she didn't really want to go to college for an education but rather to enjoy the parties and expand her marketing base.
Miles O'Brien 6 months
Virtual Signals 6 months
Fair point, Miles.