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Alex B 3 days
He probably got caught touching kids, and they are trying to distance themselves without losing face.

Mike McWay 6 days
He probably got fired for 'misgendering' an employee or something stupid like that lol

Ben 6 days
The left continues to tear itself apart, awesome.

Dr. Jones 6 days
He probably wasnt woke enough or didnt think that everything that isnt a socialist is a hate crime so they canned him. If they left wants fascist, they only need to look at this organizations employees list and its most vocal supporters.

Hank 6 days
I hope the soutern poverty lie center will get better now, but I doubt it

Ekitchi Hoshi 6 days
We know how to take down the SPLC hate organization, just accuse it's members of misconduct, no evidence required... But most people are better than the SPLC and won't make false accusations to hurt them like they do to others.

OUTRAW mf 1 weeks
I hate stories like this. If you're not going to tell me why he was fired then I kind of don't care
U WOT M8 6 days
Too white.
Oliver Biscuit 4 days
They probably made up some bullshit like they normally do.
Young Kekistani(Not Cenk) 2 days
It was because of sexual misconduct allegations. Should've been because of oppressing my fellow Kekistanies by call us a hate group. All thing we hate is when you group us in with one of your labels. Normies.