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Ralph 6 months
this sets a dangerous precedent. you don't sue Ford when someone runs down a pedestrian in one, and they kill 10x what guns will ever kill.
Lee Skalla 6 months
Don't forget the bank that made the auto loan, and the convenience store where the gas was purchased. This is a travesty.
Natasha Gossman 6 months
My thoughts exactly: if a drunk driver hits you, you don't sue the drunk's car manufacturer. Absolute Bull Shit.

PacMan27 6 months
Whatever judge allowed this to go forward should be impeached.

Shawn Meyer 6 months
Breaking News: Spoons proven to make you fat! More at 11.
noonespecific 6 months
Man sues sun for giving him cancer.

ProbablyFailing 6 months
Holding a product manufacturer responsible for the actions taken by the individual in possession of the product is nonsensical.

Stephen 6 months
This is a case where the lawsuit is based on the fact that the gun did what it was designed to do, you pull the trigger and a bullet comes out. The gun did not aim itself, the gun is simply a tool. This suit is a sham.
noonespecific 6 months
What's next sueing Skill saw if someone uses their saw to chop people up. It is doing what it was made to do cut.
Stephen 6 months
Another analogy that you could use is this is like sueing the company that makes a hammer when you miss a nail and crush your thumb.

TakeThePill 6 months
This lawsuit better not go anywhere. You can't sue a manufacturer because some asshole used their product to do some evil shit.

Rocky LeBlanc 6 months
What in the holy hell are these mentally retarded judges thinking! This is a blatant disregard for rule of law. What an abomination. I guess now we can sue every knife manufacturer for every stab victim or every bat maker for every bat related assault or how about we just hold the person with the inanimate object in their hands responsible for their actions. Seriously this is the largest failing in reason and logic we have seen in the justice system since roe v wade.
Ralph 6 months
activist judges will be the downfall of the justice department.
MEIJIN44 6 months
Rocky I think the gun companies will just appeal to a more rational judge and win even if they lose. Think about this if a gun company is liable so is every other company of nonanimate objects, cars, Restaurants, the people who build roads. The list goes on. I think no rational person will let this go that far. If they do it will be appealed to the supreme Court which will gladly swat it down.

ProbablyFailing 6 months
Holding manufacturers responsible for the actions of the individual in possession of their product... absolute nonsense. This attempt at a cash grab off the deaths of children is shameful.

space ghost 6 months
I’m going to sue coppertone because their spf 10 didn’t stop me from getting burned when I was at the beach this week.

pir8prod 6 months
I hope these people go broke after they have to pay Remingtons legal fees. Anti gun is anti American.

Rocky LeBlanc 6 months
I guess we need to sue knife manufacturers for all the stabbings and all the bat manufacturers for assualts. This is the most flawed decision I have heard of in a long long time. Luckily there is no way this case can be proven fault on the manufacturer unless the weapon failed and killed the operator.
Petri Fide 6 months
Good point... can't tell you the number of times I've nicked myself with a sharp knife in the kitchen. I see $$$ coming my way... just need to find a good SWJ lawyer now.

Scott in FLorida 6 months
Sounds like this Judge was one of the "privileged" leftist that bought their way through school to get a fake degree.

david dindu 6 months
guess wells fargo gonna be sued for global warming one day

Bubbles 6 months
Sounds like someone watched the movie Runaway Jury not realizing it is just a movie.

Sg_prevail 6 months
The judge that said this was ok should be out of a job and anyone who thinks this is ok has some issues

Dawlben 6 months
They're filling suit against the advertising by Remington. They say it glorified the violence...

Mike McWay 6 months
the court dismissed all but a "wrongful marketing claim." Anyone ever seen a commercial for an AR-15? a billboard or radio commercial? there is no wrongful marketing here. this is a waste of the courts time.

Chris Cahill 6 months
wasn't that gun taken from his trunk after the shooting. The first reports were he killed his mother with the AR and shot up the school with a pistol and a revolver
FishyMacaroon6 6 months
I distinctly remember hearing about a pistol and a shotgun when the story first broke, and about the AR in his truck. Then all of a sudden it was the AR that was used in the shooting. Never sat well with me, and then the lawsuit talk started and made it worse.
Chris Cahill 6 months
I just remember watching on live tv from a news chopper as the police took the AR from his trunk

VaasDC 6 months
I'm not fucking crazy about guns but even I fucking see this being a dumb move. this sets such a bad precedent in the future of it goes through.

Andre Gerard 6 months
Look at that can of worms I am holding. Should I open it?