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Monster Mash 6 months
I wish him the best, i am sure with that kind of strength he will do well.

Antony Bennett 6 months
Amazing, hard work pays off! This young man will go far if he maintains the work ethic!

ConcealCarryProtect 6 months
I have no doubt he will take full advantage of that. Good to see a kid that actually tries hard.

HueHueo Suezo 6 months
Good for him. God bless.

Notsurewewillsee 6 months
The NY Times article is funny, the kid talks about it is unfair celebrities bought their kids into school, yet he fails to understand that it will be taxpayers who pay for him to go to school...or the rich parents who pay a ton for their kids to go to school. If you think that the rich won’t try to offer scholarships to schools to allow their kids to go you are crazy. Whether he likes it or not he is benefiting from those parents.

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 6 months
I just hope he gets a good degree and isn’t turned into another useless “graduate” with something stupid like “gender studies”. Degrees choice should be focused primarily on job prospects...

Gaz Matic 6 months
American education is garbage right now

Daddy Tito 6 months
This kid got into college by himself despite immense social pressure to fail and some seriously bad circumstances. The way he kept off the streets and stuck with academics shows serious physical and mental grit. If I were an admissions officer I’d let him into my college because he’s clearly got the work ethic and character.
Seed 6 months
You don't get accepted into that many colleges without a strong ethos (unless you're super rich). The College of New Jersey, which is apparently the last pending application and also the boy's dream college, is not easy to get into but is not ivy-level hard. If he got accepted by 17 other colleges/universities there is a very, very strong chance TCNJ would accept him as well.

Garry Darcy 6 months
We need to hear more stories like this in the news. Gives people hope

Bones 6 months
Good for him, I hope he succeeds. With that being said, being accepted into 17 colleges is ridiculous! That is a lot!
DKO 6 months
To be fair, he had a lot of oppression points. And he made sure to brag about it, how he has unimpressive academic performance, but was still confident his sob story would be enough to bypass any meritocratic principle from the colleges.
I am Cobalt 6 months
Exactly, he probably used the black card. This is how the world works, get skilled at being a victim and recieve all the benefits.

Michael Tatom 6 months
He’s just what they’re looking for these days. I’d be willing to bet he never graduates.
Stal 6 months
Is there only shit which flows out of your mouth when you open it? All your comments only resonate stupidity
I am Cobalt 6 months
I mean, he's not wrong. Colleges only look for the "students" willing to jump through all the hoops and not question anything.