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Petri Fide 1 weeks
Nothing to see here, just your typical 'Rich Liberal Privilege'. Pairs well with the other common Liberal Elite mantra of 'Rules for the, not for me'.
J. 1 weeks
Please provide citations proving that any or all of the individuals charged are "liberals". Thank you, in advance, for the citation that I know you will not provide.
IDWFTW 1 weeks
J, it’s right in the article. Stop being lazy and read it.
Judi Em 1 weeks
It was a hell of a read! All I can say is wow....

Virtual Signals 6 days
Just a lefty who decided to bribe for it. T-shirt fixed.
Miles O'Brien 5 days
Yes, I'm sure her left wing ideology drove her to subvert the college entrance system.
Jake Middleton 5 days
Miles, judging by the shirt, it did.
Milkshake 5 days
@ Miles O'Brien Students protesting tests as a system and demanding essays for final grades - they were Leftists Students protesting coming to tests because muh election bad feelies - they were Leftists Students whining about how grading is patriarchal or whatnot the idiocy was - they were Leftists Students whining that entrance exams are patriarchal and whatnot - they were Leftists Students in Australia climbing a wave of Academic idiocy in the entire Anglosphere including USA asking for sarcasm to be banned from Universities and such moronism (and getting it in some Australian unis) - they were Leftists People who constantly spout their elitism about how their group is the richest and most successful and the opposition is dumb poor redneckes and country hicks, yet they at the same time ironically protest the very group they belong to which is the rich class - mostly Leftists Celebrities and Hollywood, those majorly affected by this - mostly Leftists Elitist Privileged White women and men - the majority of Leftist tweets and preachers in all irony Correlation is not Causation, and Disparity isn't Discrimination. Disparity is tilted towards the leftist side. Some Feminists are already calling this "the only way to combat patriarchy is to break the rules" to excuse the affected females.

Sloth 1 weeks
Aunt Becky? Hahaha
Ben 1 weeks
Still a total fox.

Petri Fide 1 weeks
Nothing to see here, just your typical 'Rich Liberal Privilege'.

Undercover Genius 1 weeks
Did they say they were Native American on their applications?
M Y T MOD 1 weeks
Certainly wouldn’t be the first!

Andrew Montague 5 days
This is what happens when you make educational institutions businesses rather than state fund them. Once they have to make money, money can corrupt their principles.
Hannibal 5 days
They are state-funded. The benefits these public "servants" receive are sinking their budgets.

Don Grantham 1 weeks
All that cheating to get into university and the only thing they learn is how to burn down the campus and hide in their safe spaces. This is what future society will look like.
........ 1 weeks
It's all part of "human" studies... You know because they're apes.

Dust Phoxner 1 weeks
What about politicians like warren who lied about her ethnicity to get into college or pretty much every other aspect of her life?

Hannibal 5 days
So rich kids bought their way in with dollars and non-Asian minorities bought their way in with white guilt bucks. What's the difference?

liberty Ann 5 days
Ok no more BS about how "affirmative action" is so unfair when these rich white pigs are gaming this broken system. School should be easily available to all. Government should invest in education as a national security issue. Those growing their potential and knowledge in school are not joining gangs and stealing cars.
David Bell 5 days
Wrong. Peoples perception of potential opportunity, or lack thereof, is what makes people join gangs and get into drugs. There are plenty of criminals with college degrees.
Jake Middleton 5 days
Wrong liberty, if you are outraged by this story, you should be outraged by affirmative action as well, any other stance is hypocritical as it’s people getting into college undeservedly.
Ben B. 5 days
"rich white pigs" like the Obama's daughters who were coached by the ex-Yale athletic director who was also taking bribes? Or how about how the guy who ran the operation was also helping Chinese benefactors buy out American real-estate? Or how many of these kids who were cheated in were not just celebrities, but wealthy Chinese kids?

Experiment Eks 1 weeks
Bet their kids were taking up social justice and feminist courses. Paying all that money just to get a grievance arts degree.

VoteMeForDictator 1 weeks
Smells like... corruption!

Sloth 1 weeks
College is such a joke now. Any ideas on how to come up with better filter criteria for potential employees would be appreciated. The return on investment won't be there in the near future.

Michael Onstad 1 weeks
No worse than affirmative action
Brie Clayton 1 weeks
That was the first thing I thought of. They legalized cheating to get into university, so how much can they really complain about this??
Human Kaleidoscope 1 weeks
you guys are the worst

DMan 5 days
Most colleges have become 13th grade, just an extension of high school. Overpriced, devalued and worthless.

Judi Em 1 weeks
At the end of the article it says there's no evidence the students knew... SAT & ACT score they didn't earn? Sports teams they were never on and then never participated in at univ? Photos taken in gear of sports they didn't do? and in at least one case their head photoshopped onto someone else's body aka Oprah on TV Guide? I call BULLSHIT! I'd bet most of them knew.
Connie Ad 1 weeks
I think it is possible some didn't know because some of their exams were fixed after they took the test. I can see an actress mom telling asking her child to pose for pictures in the outfits at the events. Many were probably told mom and/or dad, or their secretary would compile their documents for them and send them. I am also pretty sure some knew or had suspicions.

Steven Cline 1 weeks
Wow! Capitalism without merit is cronyism. Who woulda thunk?
Connie Ad 1 weeks
Where isn't there cronyism?

Richard Lozano 1 weeks
So, they should probably charge another House committee with investigating if this is how Trump got into Wharton Business School. First, they need to subpoena his grades from high school and Fordham U.
Petri Fide 1 weeks
Why stop at high school... I'm sure he was pretty shady in Kindergarten. Better 'dig up' his grade school teachers for questioning.
Janitor Jez Apple 1 weeks
No one is saying where Trumpy's school records are since he made threats to the schools in order to keep them secret. 😂 President 'Big Brain' being uncharacteristically modest over the 'best' school records, 'big' records. Trumpy has even heard people say how no president has ever had such 'tremendous' records.
........ 1 weeks
Janitor jez Apple. Hey you missed a spot

Petri Fide 1 weeks
I read somewhere else that Lori Loughlin's daughter Olivia J has been on 'Girls Gone Wild'. Matches up with her wild party girl persona that she said on her Instagram that she was looking to experience in college.
VoteMeForDictator 1 weeks
"Wild party girl" ... Jesus, college is for education, not for fun!

Wino-wisdom 1 weeks
Learn to Code or learn a construction/contractor trade.