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Gender reveal explosion rocks New Hampshire towns

Gender reveal explosion rocks New Hampshire towns

A gender reveal celebration that involved more than 80 pounds of explosives rocked a New Hampshire neighborhood and beyond Tuesday. The blast was felt as far away as northern Massachusetts. Upon arrival at the scene, the police found a container with chalk and Tannerite at the quarry the celebration was taking place. The man who detonated the explosive surrendered to authorities.

michael 1 weeks

What is wrong with these people? Why is a cake not enough? Why are they so insistent on telling everyone what genitals their baby is going to have?

Dave 1 weeks

Oh sure, when parents reveal the gender of their baby its fine, but when I reveal my gender to women in the park all of a sudden its a "crime" and I have to go on a "list". Thanks Biden!

Bob 1 weeks

Once upon a time the couple simply waited to see what popped out. Then along came sonograms and couples could get an early start on decorating if you wanted to. Now, couples start forest fires if it's a boy and dynamite small towns if it's a girl. Progress.

Ed skelton
Ed skelton 1 weeks

Lmao 80 pounds? When detonating tannerite you don't want to use enough to bring helicopters out

noonespecific 1 weeks

What is it with $tupid people causing damage with gender reveals. Explosions forest fires plane crashed.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 1 weeks

Proof that the programs for “dumbing down” of society have been completely effective

Special Ed
Special Ed 1 weeks

Why only 80 pounds, favorite number? LOL

Patty 1 weeks

I don't get it either

Patty 1 weeks


Isaiah 1 weeks

Honestly, it's getting harder to tell the difference between gender reveals and supervillain attacks.

Mike 1 weeks

Was this for an adult?

D 1 weeks

People get dumber and dumber.

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