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Blaeingr 4 months
Yeah, a new toy for the rich so they can feel environmentally conscious and superior to others. So very excited 😐
Marco De Lisi 4 months
Before anything can become mainstream these wealthy and early adapters have to be the guinea pigs. Hopefully none will explode. :)

Got Truth 4 months
Woo, a 1” lift kit on a model 3. Is that all it takes to call it a new SUV model? Good luck with the competition Elon, your going to need it.

CoLpOeSnED 4 months
I guess this is the end of his 'S3XY' line. Maybe he'll do 'H0T' next.

Prodigal Liberal 4 months
Useless battery shit backed by China.

Bones 4 months
Doesnt really look like an SUV...