Trump threatens ’SNL’ with federal investigation

Trump threatens ’SNL’ with federal investigation

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to slam ’Saturday Night Live’ for its repeated jokes about his presidency. His tweet came after the show aired a rerun the night before that featured a sketch depicting life if Trump had not become president. Trump even called for federal regulation of the comedy show. He slammed the show for its ’one sided media coverage’.

BarianKing 1 year

This is one of the things that I disagree with Trump on. Comedy is comedy no matter how lame, offensive, or overdone it is.

The Deer King
The Deer King 1 year

Trump..... your a conservative. Please stop threatening people with government over reach.

InrickeSuave 1 year

Most people have been saying how criminally unfunny SNL has been for decades, but this is probably a step too far.

DishEtti 1 year

It's shitty comedy, for sure. Can't investigate "comedians" for shit jokes though.

Andrew Nigo (Nytro)
Andrew Nigo (Nytro) 1 year

I get the frustration of having to deal with SNL's clear bias in their "comedy", but calling for an investigation? Dude, it's a TV show. Just let it kill itself, don't rush them.

Mario 1 year

Does anyone actually find the skits funny anymore? I mean when he was running he even made fun of himself on it and that’s what made it entertaining. But cmon. The same joke is not funny after 4 years.

jamal james
jamal james 1 year

They are going to have a field day with this one.

Cary Brown
Cary Brown 1 year

All censorship is wrong, even of rubbish comedy.

Leah Christiansen
Leah Christiansen 1 year

Yes, here we are again with the "small government" party calling for more laws. Guess there really IS no difference after all. Idiots!

ForeverToxic 1 year

Well, it’s their right and freedom on speech to do that, as much as others might not like it, it’s still our rights and it should never be taken away.

Poop Pancake
Poop Pancake 1 year

Of course it has a hard liberal slant... I’m not sure why this is news lol I’m not sure why it should be regulated if he actually said those things then I’m strongly against it. Even as irritating as the constant right wing conservative bashing they do gets, I’m never for extending the governments grasp over things. Certainly in this case, especially in this case.

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 1 year

Okay, while I agree with him, giving them the attention they want is playing into their hands...

Ben Ontko
Ben Ontko 1 year

SNL has made fun of every president since they've been on the air. It's fascist Trump that wants to silence their free speech! This is what totalitarianism looks like.

OUTRAW mf 1 year

hahaha... what?

Dani 1 year

Small dictator Donnie..

Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce 1 year

What a dictator!

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 1 year

Relax. Tweets are not policy. He knows he can't do that and I doubt he's serious anyway.

troglodyte 1 year

Why? Let the idiots make their stupid jokes.

Omar Coronado
Omar Coronado 1 year

I cant wait for the right wing free speech champions to start attacking trump for this

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 1 year

Not even a Trump hater really but freedom of speech bitch

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