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Joe Foxworthy 6 days
Fuck his name. Forget the terrorist scum. Remember the dead
Shadowman311 6 days
that won't happen, the dead don't sell newspapers
Mr. A 6 days
Wars sure as heck do, and they cause a lot of death.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 days
Mr.A’s got a point. Casualties sell biiig. It’s been that way since Pulitzer

Gaz Matic 6 days
Moron. This won’t make any white babies. He just made so many Islamic martyrs. 2000IQ move
SimonR 6 days
It is unfortunatly a 200iq move, he wants a race war and he's baiting the left to bring it on, and they're taking it. They're too stupid to question anything...
JL Nothere 6 days
I do agree on principle. Anyone that holds to the Islamic ideology will not see thus as anything other then an “unprovoked attack.” This will be justification to attack others in more violent means. It will not be a moment to grow from for most Islamic preachers just a chance to cause more fear to force world conversion.
SharkCat 6 days
His goal is to create division and conflict between the left and right, resulting in civil war (end goal). He wrote that in his manifesto.

Stal 6 days
It took New Zealand to have the guts to brandish a non-muslim committed attack as a TERROR ATTACK. Goes way beyond the ideology of most nations which report incidents as per a certain mandate that suits them, the US leading the way
Jim Bob 6 days
No it was actually the Australian prime minister
Alex 6 days
What the fuck are you talking about? Non Islamic terror attacks are called terror attacks all the time. Quit being political. Let people fucking grieve.
Alex 6 days
Star Alien, you're basically controlled opposition. Shut the fuck up.

Don Grantham 6 days
We'll see how many reprisal attacks this spawns. The gate to Hell has been opened even further by yet another fanatic.
Jim Bob 6 days
Why.... I mean Islam is the religion of peace isn't. so they say
TheWeakMinded 6 days
No religion is about peace. End of story.
Rob Lewis 6 days
Islam has the keys.

Alex 6 days
HE WASN'T RIGHT WING. He was a self-described economic fascist, which is much more in line with communism than either democratic liberalism or conservatism. Every media outlet is literally doing what he professed to wanting them to do within the pages of his manifesto. This has to stop. Everything from the weapons he used, to the people he murdered, to the way he used social media and IDW/culture war figures was explicitly crafted to sow problems between sides. He laid out some bait, don't fucking take it.
Brandon Spears 6 days
@Alex I'm afraid this guy is going to succeed sadly, we are very divided right now and things like this will easily deepen the division. Yet another shooter trying to spark the civil war amongst the people...
O'Brien 6 days
I agree with Brandon. Gavrilo Princep was only able to spark WW1 by shooting a lesser royal because of the massive powder keg Europe was then. We are on a path of social decay, this is the issue.
Mitchell 6 days

Alex Hamerling 6 days
Fucking mass media doing exactly what the guy wants. To make everyone know his name and face.
TaC0CaT Esq. 5 days
People always want something or someone to blame. it's a shame when shit like this happen

Robert 6 days
Stop posting the names and high scores! This encourages killers more than access to guns, more than depression, bullying. Stop it.

Adam C 6 days
I wish news outlets would stop naming and identifying these shooters. It does nothing but legitimize the atrocities they've committed. Stop giving them a platform, stop sending these monsters into infamy.

Asura Bomb 6 days
what's more unbelievable are the idiots that somehow still blame Trump for this, and are on his ass about his use of words. what a bunch of privileged cunts.
KatoBytes 6 days
Literally who? This didn't even happen in America.
Asura Bomb 6 days
check his Twitter page. They're somehow blaming him, the lefties, even though the shooter doesnt even like Trump.
Minnow 6 days
Asura Bomb if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, is it Trump's fault?

Nobody At all 6 days
Multiculturalism leads to a decline in social cohesion. Stuff like this will happen when you see a nation’s identity and culture being replaced. There will be people who lash out because they don’t know what else to do. This will not help, only voting in people who will preserve your culture will.
TheeSabin 6 days
I would like to add that these assholes just wanted to start a civil war. Their manifesto had bits of both left and right memes to get people more violent.
SRC t 6 days
dam right, well written!
Minnow 6 days
Couldn't agree more OP.

O'Connor 6 days
as the media outlets grant the shooter's dying wish; make him and his manifesto famous

Carlos Diogo 6 days
Those that make peaceful change impossible, will find violent revolution inevitable.

M.Twain 6 days
Muslims bad, white nationalists good, Jesus weeps.
Watheverable GRAMPS 6 days
Hit that strawman harder Twain, I'm still not impressed.
M.Twain 6 days
Gramps you need to spend a little more time in the books, get a good book on logic, and learn what the fallacies really are, when you use them wrong (as you usually do) you just end up looking stupid.
Watheverable GRAMPS 6 days
@M.Twain for someone who knows what fallacies are, you sure resort to them a lot. Btw, insulting someone isn't an argument.

SRC t 6 days
white does something is called racist an other does its not as bad all you people are pathetic. you make your beds you lie in it. you label a hole race you reap what you have sown.
Minnow 6 days
Hard to decode your message? White fascist guy shoots Muslims, he's probably a bad person. All white people are racist? Nah man that's a perpetuated lie, white people are awesome. We have to invent racist white people in United States so radical lefties have something to talk about. Ironic, I know coming from lefties. But hey what ya do, you know? .

Paul M 6 days
Anyone else think a culture war is on the horizon?
Minnow 6 days
No, unless you mean civil war. In which country are you talking specifically?
Mitchell 6 days
A war between identitarians. This attack was staged purely to escalate the culture war and further divide people. Says so in his manifesto.

Mitchell 6 days
People, look. When you blame the left, the right, whites, blacks, Muslims, Christians... you're playing his game. Stop being a pawn. Stop creating hatred! Stop contributing to the collapse of our society, because THAT is why this happened! This attack was made to sew hatred to spur on the culture war! STOP!

YoDude 6 days
This attack would never have happened if it wasnt for islamic foreign policy. White people need more economic opportunities and less meddling by foreign religions.

Korvin Carry 6 days
ok, cool. now prosecute his ass, put him before a firing line, and let his name die. we dont need copycats. im not a fan of islam myself, and some of the people that follow it are absolute wackjobs, but thats just like any other group. youll always find bad apples. i have some friends who are muslim, and theyre pretty chill, but they also dont espouse the extreme beliefs inherent to portions of islam. however, you cannot expect two completely opposed societies to somehow put aside their differences by force. a gradual change is necessary. i understand the guys reasoning, but it was severely flawed. now extremists can be called the victims, and theyll gain more support. good going, idiot. rot in hell.
DKO 6 days
Both New Zealand and Australia abolished the death penalty last century. They must be regretting it now.
Lord Flasheart 6 days
The problem is Islam can't live with non Islam when extreem Islam preaches death to non Islam. Let me know if there is a phrase in the bible calling for the death to non christians.
Korvin Carry 2 days
@lord only the jewish parts, bud. only the jewish parts.

Viktor ADMIN 5 days

Laura Angus 6 days
Government paid mercenary trying to cause a war.