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Ghastly 6 days
Does this mean that we can now call them hate filled dens of anger and push back on their domain holders? I mean, they have no problem doing that to Gab, Minds, and BitChute ~ the MSM that is.
Error100 5 days
These tech companies are just too big to fail... right?

Russell Daggett 6 days
Why not let people share the video? I get that it's an atrocious act, but it will let people see first hand just what happened and what we are dealing with.
Stal 6 days
So Russell, were one of your relatives to be killed in this attack. You'd not find it offensive to have people share that video across social media, comment on it (and ofcourse there are going to be nuts who will thrive on the blood in the video).....You would be absolutely fine with it. Also knowing that it will always be there somewhere to haunt you
James Sanford (Retroambassador) 6 days
as a matter of public record I think it should be available. sure there are those who get off on the violence, but others just want to be informed. 4chan has it if anyone wants to see it. I wouldn't bother though, it's just as bad as you would expect.
Russell Daggett 6 days
@stal. I personally wouldn't mind the video existing and being circulated even if I had a loved one involved in the incident. I personally think this sort of information shouldn't be covered up and hidden away from public view if individuals want to see it. I can ignore mean comments or crude remarks from blood thirsty individuals, and I get that others can't.

Max Maidment 3 days
Censorship doesn't work. Everyone has seen the vid already and many have saved copies.

Rosie Palmer 2 days
YouTube sounds like a publisher rather than a platform.

null null 3 days
Like how the search filter has been non functional for days.

Graham Meek 2 days
censorship is not the solution it is the problem.

SharkCat 6 days
Too late for that.

Bennington 5 days
it's like a little kid building a little sand wall on the beach and expecting it to hold back the sea