China clones veteran police dog to save money and time

China clones veteran police dog to save money and time

Scientists in southwest China’s Yunnan province recently produced a cloned puppy after taking a DNA sample from a seven-year-old veteran police dog credited with solving various crimes. The dog was cloned with support from the Ministry of Public Security. Authorities are hoping to make it possible to achieve ’volume production’ of cloned police dogs in order to significantly reduce training times.

QuestionableEthics 1 year

How soon until the first publicly recognized human clones are walking amongst us? I’d say within 20 years

Biased comment
Biased comment 1 year

Ugh. Until they fix the telomer repair on the DNA all they are doing is making a young dog that will agree faster. even if the cloning was free they are going to lose money cause they can't use the dog as much. Honestly, it's near negligence to clone such animals because the product they made is so inferior and prone to defects they rarely live much longer than a few years often suffering from many old age diseases near after birth. They should start smaller with less complex organisms. fewer complications

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. . 1 year

I keep telling you, if not intervened, China will kill all of humanity. They must be taken without the upmost urgency and CCP must be dismantled. Nuclear intervention becomes more necessary every day to erradicate this human plague.

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