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Trump OMB blocked Puerto Rico from receiving hurricane aid: Probe

Trump OMB blocked Puerto Rico from receiving hurricane aid: Probe

A HUD report made public Thursday has concluded that the administration of former President Trump obstructed a probe looking into why officials withheld about $20B in hurricane relief for Puerto Rico following the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The report also found that tensions between the HUD and OMB resulted in unprecedented procedural hurdles.

Sigfried 1 weeks

Many say Trump did this. Only one article clarifies "Trump officials". People: why should I believe Orange Man Bad when you lied about some of the most absurd stuff around him? I'm not saying he doesn't deserve criticism, but by the time 2020 hit, I was done with the games and assumed everything negative on him was a lie because everything I researched always was and that's because you could never seem to criticize him on anything that made sense. Weakest Impeachment attempt in our history and people still think he's going to jail, for one.

Andreas 1 weeks

People died and suffered because Trump wanted to play silly political games. I assume that they did not praised him enough so that he blocked federal money.

Daniel 1 weeks

The people of Puerto Rico got screwed by their own government who failed/refused to distribute the aid that was sent to them. Does no one remember the warehouse full of aid that was left to rot? Does no one remember the interview begging for more with stacks of crates (that supposedly never got delivered) in the background? I’m all for the US government taking responsibility for their failures, but the Puerto Rican government also needs to take responsibility for theirs.

ttocsick 1 weeks

100% pure unadulterated bullsh¡t

Potato 1 weeks

Well I know nothing about this but I'd say Puerto Rico wants to be a state really bad but they are not and don't pay any income tax. So why would they deserve 20 BILLION dollars in aid?

ttocsick 1 weeks

This story is nothing more than the tabloids making a concerted effort to make the case for Puerto Rico statehood. The tabloids are the propaganda wing of the democrat party, plain and simple.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 weeks

Communists in government, the bureaucracy, engage in activities to sabotage President's policies, orders and directives to embarrass the President and make political scandals for the democrat Communist propaganda mills. I don't blame patriots for crimes committed by Democrats. And neither should you.

Randall 1 weeks

Trump did go there. And he handed out some rolls of paper towels. What a great guy! /S

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

Warehouses full of unused supplies:

political sources
political sources 1 weeks

TRUMP veto defense budget USA military didn't get PAID for Christmas military families got nothing on 15 December but Russia operatives got pardoned and TRUMP went golfing .. 😆 I serve my country and I ASSURE you TRUMP do''t care about Americans he cared ABOUT TRUMP and his power to say you FIRED .. CIRCUS CLOWN !!! .. Military will never forget the only President in the history of USA to not pay the military .. Then a major slap in the face to USA military pardoned Russian operatives so the TRAITORS can enjoy Christmas .. 😆 . you funny !!

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 1 weeks

Must not have anything to do with the official in rico withholding aide/supplies from their people.

edwin 1 weeks

Wasn't Puerto Rico sitting on billions of dollars in relief supplies they weren't even using?

flinx101 1 weeks

Condifering most of tbe money sent to Puerto Rico was misapproprited, I would call this a win.

Glen 1 weeks

Wow, NBC just can't get enough of Trump bashing. Anything to promote bogus news.

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