Facebook vows to improve AI detection of terrorist videos

Facebook vows to improve AI detection of terrorist videos

Facebook acknowledged on Wednesday that its systems failed to catch the livestream video of the New Zealand mosque attack. In a blog post, VP of integrity, Guy Rosen, wrote that the video did not trigger Facebook’s automatic detection systems because its AI did not have enough training to recognize the video. He added that they will start using an audio technology to detect terrorist videos.

TheBornOfFire 1 year

they could just modify the tommy robinson algorithm, it seems very effective, I've forgotten who he is. distopia be upon you.

drakethesnake 1 year

"Facebook wants to improve AI to kill any anti establishment veiwpoint."

Nick Record
Nick Record 1 year

People need to get off social media.

ManTampon 1 year

And I'm sure their overall use of AI will avoid any clear biases and be free of controversy - trust is at an all time high afterall..

Mycroft 1 year

Facebook promises to: Improve the AI Stop decrypting all Whats App conversation Sharing user data with governments Sharing user data with companies Close the backdoors to their servers Stop selling direct access to user accounts and conversations. Stop allowing companies to delete negative messages and about their companies Stop using cigarette companies to design the platform for all their products Also to set up a kid Facebook

IIZard 1 year


Justin Kidd
Justin Kidd 1 year

Banning all videos saying "Allahu ackbar" would do wonders.

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