British PM Theresa May granted a 3 week lifeline by EU leaders

British PM Theresa May granted a 3 week lifeline by EU leaders

EU leaders on Thursday night agreed to a short-term Brexit extension in order to allow British PM Theresa May more time to get her withdrawal agreement through Parliament. The European Council has agreed to a pause until May 22, although that is conditional on British lawmakers approving the deal next week.

Korvin Carry
Korvin Carry 1 year

why do you need a deal anyways? youre a sovereign nation, for gods sake. i know why though, the politicains dont want to be responsible for anything, and now theyll have to. take no deal already, and get it over with. its been 3 years

Cary Brown
Cary Brown 1 year

@Korvin Carry Anyone who wants a real Brexit has been saying No Deal for 3 years. There's no reason to pay the EU money or anything else. They were determined to punish us for not being their obedient servants. We didn't vote for a deal, there's no need for it. That's baloney from the traitorous politicians who want to stop Brexit.

TheBornOfFire 1 year

doing the no-deal dance. then its voting UKIP like mad as soon as one discovers how.

Mr. A
Mr. A 1 year

Hard brexit now, enough shenanigans.

Danny 1 year

From empire to bitch

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 1 year

Whatever secret deal they've offered her personally if she betrays her own nation must be really juicy.

Randy Souse-Git
Randy Souse-Git 1 year

The sun never sets on the Brexit dithering.

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