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China could win control of world’s ’operating system,’ warns UK’s top cyber spy

China could win control of world’s ’operating system,’ warns UK’s top cyber spy

Britain’s top cyber spy, GCHQ Director Jeremy Fleming, has said that the West must urgently act to ensure that China does not dominate the key technologies of the 21st century. Britain’s spies believe that China could within decades dominate all of the key emerging technologies, particularly AI, synthetic biology and genetics. ’We are now facing a moment of reckoning,’ Fleming warned.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 weeks

Not a big leap there. With no safety or environmental regulations, they can out compete everyone for rare earth metal mining and product manufacturing. They bid low on building telecom infrastructure in struggling nations. Silicon valley monopolies have already proven they would rather develop Orwellian technologies than risk losing the access to the consumer market. All the while, politicians are too busy getting bribed and honey-potted into submission to challenge them. As it stands, it is not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

Randall 2 weeks

So, in the USA we like to b¡†ch and complain about our tech industry and "let's bust 'em up" while China is busy preparing a digital tech war and their tech giants don't have to deal with that. Perhaps we could become less dependant on digital technologies to minimize the damage Or stand with our tech giants instead of against them, winner takes all. Will our values lead to our own demise? The next World War will Not be determined or fought on the battlefield.

michael 2 weeks

Really wish the US spent more than 2% of the federal budget in education. Really wish we didn't commodotize higher education. We need more smart people. And we don't get there by acting like poor people are stupid for being born poor. Education should be an escape from poverty, and poverty should not bar you from education. This is not the only area that china is kneecapping our future relevance. They are further in their railgun development. Railguns will be capable of destroying incoming nuclear missiles. So what advantage was our country given by starving our education system? We have hordes of anti vaxxers and climate change deniers. Our politicians really like to talk about how much they care about the children and future generations. I have a question for them. How dare you?

Andrew 2 weeks

Spooks pushing paranoid fear and cryptocurrency, not surprised. The US has been irresponsible and reckless in running the world’s “operating system”... I’d honestly prefer the stability of China’s state-managed capitalism leading the world over this fraud-rampant MLM Ponzi scheme BS we have going on here.

Prince Azmiran
Prince Azmiran 2 weeks

China has been stealing technology from the west for decades. Every tech company that wants to operate within their borders also has to surrender their tech. How do we solve this? Well, stopping our companies from going over there would help alot. Stopping investments into fraudulent chinese companies would also help. Foreign investment is what keeps china afloat. We need to confront china on every front that we have been ignoring for decades, and recognize china for what it really is: our enemy .

TheMadDane 2 weeks

Dude must be an anti-Asian racist. Somebody alert ol Joe.

con-spiracy lover
con-spiracy lover 2 weeks

So many years China has been the cheap labor for the world...wouldn’t it be ironic if the tables turned...

Praise Sigmar
Praise Sigmar 2 weeks

The urinalist copied this straight from an MI6 press release.

good4you 2 weeks

If the western world gang up together, they could create a pro-whites technologies similarly to pro-whites democracy, pro-whites economy to eclipse the entire world, however these advantages have been layered with greed in world of capitalism.. else pro-whites could really dominate the world.

TREBOR 2 weeks

Is that such a bad thing.?

E 2 weeks

Wrong, these things will be built on decentralised platforms, and will not be subject to any centralised control.

Shono 2 weeks

Look at the Cyrus A Parsa lawsuit

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