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Trump officials reveal what happened with bleach-gate on its year anniversary

Trump officials reveal what happened with bleach-gate on its year anniversary

Several former officials revealed that they had tried to stop Donald Trump from talking at the coronavirus task force press conference on 23 April 2020, when the former president infamously encouraged health officials to study the benefits of injecting bleach to fight Covid-19. Mr. Trump also spoke about the possibility of using ’ultraviolet or just very powerful light’ to treat Covid-19.

Tom A
Tom A
Robert_Clearwater 2 weeks

TDD is so strong that they have to resurrect fake news from a year ago. What's that, the people are beginning to question Lord Biden? Well, remember the Puerto Rico hurricane? Do you remember that he said to inject bleach? What about the Russian scalping bounty? Don't focus on Biden, look over here instead for two minutes of hate.

Shono 2 weeks

LIES!!!!! If you go back and LOOK at the full clip you can see Trump say "No that is not what i meant" when a reporter follows up and asks a couple minutes after:" did you mean inject bleach"? Seriously GO WATCH IT! It happens several minutes after first comment which is how they got away with it, the editing room.

Nosotros La Gente
Nosotros La Gente 2 weeks

Death rattle of a dying media, right here.

chris 2 weeks

Misled. I thought it was something real like a certain political party bleaching computers.

political sources
political sources 2 weeks

This why USA LEAD the ENTIRE UNIVERSE with 572 thousand DEAD Americans next on line AFTER USA India with 195 thousand DEAD .. USA EPIC failure is amazing UNDER the leadership of doctor TRUMP and some way in the CIRCUS CLOWN TRUMP mind he think he won the election .. 😆 .. Funny HOW CRAZY this sound .. NEVER in my lifetime USA lead the World in EPIC failure .. Think THINK THINK .. 😆

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