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7 sheriff’s deputies in N.C. placed on leave after fatal shooting of Black man

7 sheriff’s deputies in N.C. placed on leave after fatal shooting of Black man

Following the fatal shooting of Black man Andrew Brown Jr., seven sheriff’s deputies have been placed on administrative leave in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II expressed condolences to Brown’s family and pledged that his deputies will be held accountable if any of them are found to have violated laws or policies.

Tom A
Tom A
Garlicguy2K 2 weeks

Why not concentrate "social justice" efforts on stopping addiction which crosses all racial and socioeconomic barriers? Oh right, that doesn't sow division and discord and would actually unite people. I forget, this isn't about unity

David 2 weeks

Doesn’t say anything about what happened, so anything is just speculation. But in my opinion, if you need 7 officers for an arrest warrant for drug offenses, I would assume it’s because that person would be considered armed and dangerous. Also, entering a vehicle to try to get away is a felony. The vehicle can also be considered a weapon. These officers should have spent more time blocking his vehicle with their cars before issuing the arrest. As well, officers ARE allowed to shoot at fleeting individuals, but only if there is a threat to an officer or innocent bystander or an imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death. Is his death preventable? Yes Should officers shot at him? Probably not unless he was wielding a gun or was posing an immediate threat. Would he be alive today if he did not flee police? Yes. So many of these shootings result in failure to comply with an officers orders and fleeing arrest. Please please please do not do those things, even if the officer is wrong. It’s always best to fight in court later. If you do, you are endangering your own life. If you believe every shooting is about race, I would recommend to stay away from any news outlet, left or right, because there is always going to be a bending of truth, ommitance of facts, embellishment of truths, etc. There are plenty of YouTube videos on your rights and what to do at traffic stops, etc. The majority of police are good people, but the bad ones will always make the spotlight. Just remember that officers are people too, and don’t project something onto them for something that they were not even involved in. Stay safe and be respectful everyone. I found one source that says a third of casualties in vehicle pursuits are innocent bystanders. “Brown, a father of 10 children, was shot and killed in his car at around 8.30am while police were executing search-and-arrest warrants for drug offenses, officials said. Authorities would not provide details of the shooting but an eyewitness said that he was shot while trying to drive away, and that deputies fired at him multiple times. “

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 weeks

Left wing controlled society, Government, MSM, Academia, have made it so, so, so hard to be a cop these days. It all accelerated with Barack Obama. I expect a mass exodus of people out of policing. Let community councilors arrest Cocaine drug dealers instead then. Just arrest perps in gun free zones, everything will be fine.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 weeks

Cops still kill more whites per year. All this news coverage of black deaths is absolute propaganda if no one else makes the discussion but blacks

Robert_Clearwater 2 weeks

He was a good boy he dindu nuffin.

george 2 weeks

10 kids? Serving an arrest warrant for drug dealing? Sounds like an upstanding guy to me.

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