Pentagon chief says $1 billion of funding shifted to border wall

Pentagon chief says $1 billion of funding shifted to border wall

The Department of Defense shifted $1 billion to plan and build a 57-mile section of ’pedestrian fencing’, roads and lighting along the border between the US and Mexico. Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has authorized the US Army Corps of Engineers to begin planning and executing the project within the Yuma and El Paso sections of the border.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 1 year

6 years will be time enough to fund and build it.

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 1 year

Sorry for being off topic, but how can I give feedback to NewsVoice about this app? In the activity tracker, it tells me when someone replies to one of my comments. But it only shows the first 4 replies, so after that I have to manually search for the article. But if the headline of the article changes (EG Gillibrand calls trump a 'coward' in her campaign kickoff speech) then I can no longer search for the story, and have to scroll through my news feed hoping to find the relevant story. Such a pain in the ass. I want to recommend they add a "go to comment" or "go to article" button in the activity tracker.

Binx1 1 year

Mexico is supposed to pay for it! were so un-informed. Has any one seen the border? or even been there? most of it was built when Obama was in the house. with modern technology. do we need a wall? use drones and cameras.thermal images the people who own the land on the border it affects them.. so it won't be a complete wall. its nonsense. a mile of wall gap mile of wall. seriously. drive to AZ, New Mexico, Texas.

Ethan 1 year

What a week!

Vault Tec USA
Vault Tec USA 1 year

So is this a real wall like steel or cement or is this like a chain link fence like Bush did?

consistency 1 year

let's fire up those lawsuits about environment and illegal eminent domain and insane cost now before he does something that few people along the border actually want.

Travis Alex
Travis Alex 1 year

LOL at Repulicans for thinking then wall is going to do anything. LOL at Democrats for thinking it's souly discrimination for letting them come in illegally. **grabs popcorn**

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