Naked man, attempting to board flight, claims clothes make him less aerodynamic

Naked man, attempting to board flight, claims clothes make him less aerodynamic

A traveler passing through Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport stripped off his clothes and attempted to board a Ural Airlines flight to Crimea, claiming to be more ’aerodynamic’ while nude. The flyer, a 38-year-old resident of Moscow, was nabbed by airline staff as he ran onto the air-bridge and then detained by police.

Rick Smith
Rick Smith 1 year

He identifies as a newborn

beanie weaine
beanie weaine 1 year

It’s simple science people. No clothes = go fast!

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 1 year

l guess that is one way to dodge a TSA pat-down.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 year

Have we entered an episode of Rick and Morty?

Matthew Rowley
Matthew Rowley 1 year

And just like that, I have found my new hero.

consistency 1 year

let him fly on the wing and demonstrste.

William E
William E 1 year

that man is a legend.

Macius 1 year

Florida men on vacation?

Hollowhammer 1 year

I can confirm this is the case.

White mana matters
White mana matters 1 year

Only In Russia...

IIZard 1 year

Boris that was terps, not vodka.

ZK AY 1 year

rumor has it he tried to enter the cockpit

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 1 year

In Soviet Russia, flight boards you!

dindu jujitsu
dindu jujitsu 1 year

He's aerodynamicly challenged.

Manuel 1 year

IQ 200

Meridia 1 year

He's not wrong...

Lowlife 1 year

He’s not wrong....

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

I don't think it makes that much of a difference when you're inside the plane.

YoDude 1 year

What a legend!

CoLpOeSnED 1 year

I only wish to create headlines like this

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