Jake Patterson pleads guilty to abduction and murder

Jake Patterson pleads guilty to abduction and murder

On Wednesday, 21 year old Jake Patterson pleaded guilty to the kidnapping of 13 year old Jayme Closs and the murder of her parents in their home last October. The girl escaped from Patterson 88 days after her parents’ murder and was picked up by a passerby who took her in and reported her discovery to the police. If found guilty, Patterson will possibly face life in prison.

Naomi Steele
Naomi Steele
your foxy friend
your foxy friend 1 year

Aaaand straight to the chair with this degenerate!

Alex B
Alex B 1 year

The firing squad was a great idea, I wish we still had it. Five men, 4 have blanks, no one knows who has the full rounds, and then you just point and shoot. I could kill a man like this without any trauma or guilt

npc8472 1 year

bring that mofo to tx....you kill someone here and we will kill you back.

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