Pope issues new child abuse legislation in Vatican

Pope issues new child abuse legislation in Vatican

Pope Francis on Friday enacted a new legislation to protect children from sexual abuse within the Vatican and other Holy See institutions in Rome, as well as by its diplomatic corps worldwide. The changes signed by the pope make it obligatory for superiors and co-workers to report abuse allegations, punish failure to report and offer assistance to victims and families.

Joey K
Joey K 1 year

"Guys if you molest a kid you have to promise to tell us"

Guy Harrison
Guy Harrison 1 year

Yeah, I'm sure that'll help. Abusive behavior deterred by legislation is a humorous notion.

Rave Biscuits
Rave Biscuits 1 year

I think you guys are being a bit unfair, this is pretty much the first time that the Chatholic church has even admitted it exists. An obligation to report abuse is a huge improvement on an obligation to not report abuse. And guys, it's an obligation to report abuse when you see others do it, not to report yourself when you do it... He's not a dictator so give him some time. Even a change in the mentally of silence is a huge deal.

CommanderVaasDC 1 year

essentially the same as " we must teach men not to rape." ohk.

Tommy Hawkins
Tommy Hawkins 1 year

Do his child protection guidelines cover infanticide in New York and Virginia?

Thunder Laus
Thunder Laus 1 year

Weak Pope

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

Cause abusive people always confess their crimes to a priest!

Tommy Hawkins
Tommy Hawkins 1 year

Sex abuse bad. Infanticide Ok?

Little Scar
Little Scar 1 year

give up the church. read the KJV bible for yourself. most churches don't even preach everything that's in the actual scripture anyways thanks to feminism. ask any of your pastors why he doesn't preach scripture of a woman commanded to be "submissive and obedient" to her husband. what saddens me even more is pagan days like Christmas, Easter & Halloween being accepted into the church. The church had become the synagogue of Satan. walk away from it.

Seth Racc
Seth Racc 1 year

This shouldn’t be needed,as you’d think the men of god wouldn’t do such a horrible thing.But hey it’s the church,and throughout history the popes,priests,etc haven’t always practiced what they preached.

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