Alex Jones cites ’psychosis’  for Sandy Hook consipracy

Alex Jones cites ’psychosis’ for Sandy Hook consipracy

Alex Jones said his attraction to conspiracy theories is a result of paranoia caused by domestic propaganda. He cited the history of the US government covering up American war crimes and an increase in falsehoods generated by the intelligence community being presented unverified as fact on cable news networks.

Blake Hobba
Blake Hobba
Nika D
Nika D 1 year

The guy is a ranting conspiracy theorist who has an uncanny ability to actually get some of the crazy stories right. Not my style, but to each his own.

Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton 1 year

What’s the source for the MSM’s Russian collusion conspiracy?

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 1 year

Already covered on Joe Rogan a while back. Try to catch up, MSM

Reiss Nelson
Reiss Nelson 1 year

Despite the fact he got it wrong on Sandy Hook, the mainstream media does worst things and still get away with it

TheeSabin 1 year

At least he is willing to list his sources.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 1 year

I'll just leave this here:

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 year

Alex Jones is my favorite band

Ed Murnaghan
Ed Murnaghan 1 year

AJ is a living meme and thank goodness for that

O'Brien 1 year

Who doesn't know Jones is crazy? Only other psychotic individuals and even then most would have suspicions. Jones is a kind of satire and censoring and deplatforming him is the same as censoring art. Jones is to the SJWs what degenerate art was to the Nazis.

Thomas Watson
Thomas Watson 1 year

It was the gay frogs

Little Scar
Little Scar 1 year

Sandy Hoax was a hoax. Deal with it.

GREGORY horton
GREGORY horton 1 year

Well... if Jussie Smullet can walk, I guess Jones and be let off for this little thing.

Jacob Grix
Jacob Grix 1 year

maybe they should watch the entire disposition. but wait that would make them journalists. yikes cant have that

Propaganda Destroyer
Propaganda Destroyer 1 year

Hardly surprising that the Faux news article above doesn't mention what it says in the summary... the history of US coverups of it's on way crimes and the media complicity in that Jones mentions. Which he is right about. Good to see Jones admitting his paranoia going too far stemming from the establishment lying all the time. That makes sense.

M.Twain 1 year

The insanity defense, the courts should accept it then lock his crazy ass up in a nut house.

Person Unknown
Person Unknown 1 year

When people hate alex Jones so bad, he puts his whole store on sale.. Thanks abc.. guna buy up a lifetime supply of alpha male +++

consistency 1 year

I remember when individuals similar to people posting on this site probably shared the nut bag theories he had. and used his "supplements"

Bingo Dingo
Bingo Dingo 1 year

Luckily we have freedom of speech so he can say whatever he wants, no matter how retarded.

Jack King
Jack King 1 year

he prob has an fbi gun to his head

Vaelin Al Sorna
Vaelin Al Sorna 1 year

That’s ironic wasn’t it the intelligence Community that coined the phrase

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