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Trump says jailed Navy SEAL to be moved to ’less restrictive confinement’

Trump says jailed Navy SEAL to be moved to ’less restrictive confinement’

President Donald Trump tweeted on March 30th that former Navy SEAL, Eddie Gallagher, will be moved to ’less restrictive confinement’ as he awaits trial. Gallagher is facing charges of premeditated murder and assault due to the killing of an injured ISIS prisoner, and alleged instances of intentionally firing sniper shots at civilians.

Ben B.
Ben B.
the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 1 year

here in canada whit our prime minister when some one leave commit terrorism to support isis in an other country they are welcome back and paid.

The Inquisitor
The Inquisitor 1 year

Is this the same guy who was falsely accused of said war crimes?

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

Got to follow ROE, but I don't think what he did is worthy of being held in a shithole. He still did alot for his country. We broke him. Let's take care of him too.

kizzle 1 year

We train a man to be a killing machine then send him to jail for killing in a war zone. Am I missing something? Politicians are the ones who ordered him there. He's just doing his job.

dswizzle 1 year

He is accused of killing an injured ISIS prisoner and shooting sniper bullets towards/at civilians overseas, if anyone was wondering.

Ilya Yakymenko
Ilya Yakymenko 1 year

Is shiting on your veterans common in USA?

David James
David James 1 year

there is something wrong about spending literally years training a man to kill without flinching an eye (not ideal of course, but nature is cruel and this is necessary) and turning your back on them as soon as you don't need them. And b) why is he getting puniches before the trial, that's BS, I bet he is in worse conditions than any illegal migrant or gang member. Specially considering the left that hates him so much are the ones who are all about "rehabilitation" and forgiving and second chances.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

Also, wasn't this the guy they said was cutting pants off an injured man. Basically, rendering aid??? You only cut pants off someone if you are about to administer life saving medical treatment.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 year

He should go to the UK. I hear they give those who carried out war crimes in the Middle East subsidized flats so that they can blend back in to society.

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 1 year

Yet Obama is still walking free, despite his illegal drone war, the extrajudicial assassinations of U.S citizens, the utter destruction of Libya, and the numerous federal laws he broke?

Nick Record
Nick Record 1 year

Being deprived of quality food and healthcare is unbecoming of a detention center. Military especially.

Vaelin Al Sorna
Vaelin Al Sorna 1 year

We are currently bombing seven countries however I don’t recall congress approving the military to go to war.

J. 1 year

.... but a million people who are in prison for a decade for smoking a joint... yeah... they're gonna stay in prison.

ryan whelan
ryan whelan 1 year

seal accused of war crimes, also knows as a terrorist

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