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DOJ weighs charging Chauvin for 2017 incident involving black teen

DOJ weighs charging Chauvin for 2017 incident involving black teen

According to ABC News, the DOJ is reportedly considering whether to bring additional charges against Derek Chauvin relating to a 2017 incident, where he allegedly kneeled on the neck of a 14-year-old black teen. Chauvin allegedly grabbed the boy by the throat, forced him to the ground, and put a knee into his neck and back, kneeling on top of him for nearly 17 minutes.

Dave 2 weeks Chauvin could use the exact same tactics on a 14 year old boy for 17 minutes and the kid is fine. But a 6ft 4", 223 lbs giant was killed after 9 minutes? Strange that. Almost like something else caused his death.

Silver 2 weeks

This is so blatently obviously an attempt to make Chauvin a human sacrifice to the gods of identity politics that I think it might wake some people up. Or if you flip it, create a new religion lol. He who was imprisoned for life for the sins of all white policemen, let's pray to him, amen

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 weeks

Supposedly Chavin will get convicted of tax evasion, so will go to jail for that no matter what. The Floyd thing will probably be overturned on appeal. More charges don't seem like they make sense. Well unless you are a feckless political hack of a prosecutor that needs to make it look like you are doing something...

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

Anyone remember how the Colorado cake-bakers won in court because the judges said the state was overly aggressive in their attempts to ruin their business? Sending the DOJ to assess old arrests may show bias on the government's part which could help his appeal in the Floyd case. Go after this guy too hard and you just might see his conviction overturned.

riheg 2 weeks

Maybe that will stop the hordes of racists worldwide defending the man.

michael 2 weeks

I say do it. Pile it on so that he truly is an example and cops will finally be afraid to brutalize.

Zeal 2 weeks

It’s strange that many of you believe that use of any drug makes one deserving of violent treatment. It’s bad enough that the horrific justice system sees drug users as criminals and not people in need of help, let alone that malicious medical practice was directly responsible for the majority if not all fentanyl use. The argument that Floyd died by drugs is irrelevant. Methodologies in place make what is supposed to be seen as a protective force into one more relatable to terrorism is the true problem here. The DOJ is simply using this new case evidence as a way of further scapegoating scrutiny which should be directed toward itself onto the people it creates. The prime evil in this story is the DOJ. Do not be mistaken. If I personally have learned anything about all of this, it’s that the general public’s manner of reasoning does not belong in the court or legislation. It is bad enough that reasoning like this is excercized from within government and justice as it has lead and continues to lead to the destruction of life. But moreover, these manners of reasoning, regardless of which “side” you fall on should in no way be given the right to vote. Democracy is a failure.

SimplyLogic 2 weeks

Glad to see the commenters, on this site, are still justifying their heavily biased, bigoted beliefs, through their cognitive dissonance. White fragility reigns supreme, in this echo chamber of hateful and useless idiots

Zeal 2 weeks

We need to rename the ‘Department of Justice’ to the ‘Department of Punishment’. These people are not concerned with justice or rehabilitation of the mad, distraught, and confused. These people simply want to assert dominance and fear in the most cost effective manner possible. Growing up I thought that when you did something wrong there would be people who’s job is was to help you see why it’s wrong and steer you toward the right. As I have grown older, I have realized that those who make mistakes, and those who have experienced awful things in their life, leading them to making stupid decisions, are held to the same concept of punishment as those who knowingly and maliciously make life hell for others. What’s further is, it is rarely the latter that is sought out by authorities, but rather the victims of the latter that authorities make examples of.

Repent 2 weeks

So..why did no one say anything before? Was it because no one was there to witness and/or record and put it on social media? Or was it because nobody died? No wonder he looked surprised when he was given a guilty verdict. He's been getting away with it for years. Nasty record of police brutality. Smh.

Matthew 2 weeks

Wait, so you are telling me a cop used a tactic that was admittedly taught by his police department more than once...the hell you say! I am so happy that the dems have moved on to destroying the DOJ and Judiciary. Watching them destroy the family and constitution was getting old.

MarXmade 2 weeks

So many mentally ill Americans! Must be the constant digestion of racism, bigotry, and worst of all indifference. America the Ugly!

Change Matters
Change Matters 2 weeks

This isn't about justice anymore. This is flexing political muscle. Very Machiavellian

Zeal 2 weeks

Authority will put little effort toward doing more than making examples instead of targeting the makers of those they make examples of. Which in this case is the DOJ. The DOJ should be on trial. Unfortunately there is no system for policing the system. Welcome to the machine everyone. Life has been grand... but this is the end.

Randy 2 weeks

17 minutes? But .. but ... But ... But we were told it wasn't possible to survive even 9 minutes! Have we found the superhuman?!

John W
John W 2 weeks

Talk about jumping the shark. How much are you going to milk this for? You already had one phoney show trial.

Brutus 2 weeks

Honestly, this is why I understand and agree with the anti-government people. Down with the government

Ronald 2 weeks

Wow ❗ it's men like this that give real cops a bad name!

Phoenix 2 weeks

Hopefully the whole thing gets overturned instead.

Ray S
Ray S 2 weeks

Rules and regulations no longer apply to black people. If you disagree, that's white supremacy.

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