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Jim Carrey’s new painting enrages Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter

Jim Carrey’s new painting enrages Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter

Italian politician Alessandra Mussolini publicly insulted Jim Carrey after he tweeted a drawing of the hanging of her grandfather, Benito Mussolini. Carrey expressed his views on fascism by sharing the sketch with the words, ’If you’re wondering what fascism leads to, just ask Benito Mussolini and his mistress Claretta’. ’You are a b******’, Alessandra replied in a tweet to Carrey.

Roadhog 1 year

Jim "we have to say yes to socialism" Carrey doesn't know the first thing about fascism, like most people using the word. Embarrassing.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 1 year

Jim sure has fallen far... perhaps his art is therapy for the demons in his mind.

István Károly Farkas
István Károly Farkas 1 year

He does know that communism was enforced in most Eastern european countries via fascist tools. Almost like fascism is not an exact ideology more like a way to suppress opposition. I like to think as a difference between a car and its fuel. Think of it like a FIAT and a Ford can both work with petrol . Same way Both nazism and communism can stay in power by fascism. Just look at fascism's merriam-webster definition. It can apply to Both systems

Andrew Colomy
Andrew Colomy 1 year

Jim Carrey was so great and so funny in the 90s. What the fuck happened? Jim Carrey just straight up sucks now, in like every way.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 year

Note to self: Benito Mussolini's granddaughter is in politics. Isn't it interesting how it is usually the "anti-fascist", "anti-death-penalty" (against people convicted of murder) types who are obsessed with violence (against people who simply vote the wrong way)? You know, "punch a Nazi", "bike lock a Nazi on the head", "create art of a Nazi being killed 74 years ago in order to threaten people whose politics are more like those who actually defeated the Nazis", "hit a hat off a Nazi's head", etc? And these people know who the Nazis are. Don't try to deny it. You are in favor of border control? You are just like Hitler. Watch out, as you are now on their "hit" list.

RedShipley 1 year

Mussolini was a socialist in his younger years. So we can say that is what socialism can lead to as well.

Paul M
Paul M 1 year

Anyone miss the days when he was funny?

Pete Nell
Pete Nell 1 year

Also, you know who else they hung up there? The Communist leaders, yet strangely he didn't mention that... hmm Bombacci should be right there with them.

Maesterfully 1 year

So you treat fascism with violence and abuse? What's the difference? I enjoyed Ace Ventura but Jim Carrey is turning into an SJW twat

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 1 year

This meth-head socialist is lecturing others about fascism? Lol! Read a fucking book.

AlexJ 1 year

If Benito Mussolini was my grandfather, I would distance myself from him. Not only because he was a fascist, but also because he couldn't run a country. And also how he almost lost against greece. And how the f*ck you have over 12 000 frostbite cases in greece, in f*cking greece.

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 1 year

This guy still makes a living by acting CRAZY. It is like getting your political opinion from one of the 3 stooges. Hey Mo what do you think about it wooo wooo woooo Ingnap ingnap cue slapstick sound effect. People accepting political opinions from employees of the entertainment arm of the same corporations that bought up all the news networks is sad. On the on the hand I fully support political satire cartoons Carrey sadly has no talent at it. If I posted a cartoon I drew of people hanging twitter would delete it and suspend my account see how that works.

The Autarch
The Autarch 1 year

Personally, just based on the summary here, I don't see the issue. Adolf Hitler was not the only Axis Power during WWII, and it's about time Mussolini got his share of attention. He wasn't just a 'Nazi sympathizer', as some people understate it - he was a tyrant and should be remembered as such. Good riddance to a piece of shit human being.

LeweyDewey 1 year

Hey Jim, if you're wondering what socialism leads to, look at Lenin's Russia or Mao's China or Hitler's Germany. Fvckn retarded hypocrite. Boycott Hollywood, it's full of sickness

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 year

Isn’t it funny when authoritarians fight with each other?

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 1 year

I mean he's not wrong, fascism has never really had good outcomes for its leaders. This however was slightly crass and is unhelpful considering how much people throw these terms around at people who clearly aren't fascists but just disagree wither their viewpoints.

U WOT M8 1 year

Mussolini’s family never get to be outraged. Your grandfather was scum.

CharlieMike 1 year

Why in the hell is she trashing the U.S.? The dude is Canadian.

Louie Fillet
Louie Fillet 1 year

I often wish Jim Carey overdosed that fateful summer night, instead of long time girlfriend

Lucifer Neverchanges
Lucifer Neverchanges 1 year

so why is this news?

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