US welcomes China’s expanded clampdown on fentanyl

US welcomes China’s expanded clampdown on fentanyl

The US welcomed China’s move on Monday to expand the range of fentanyl-related substances it defines as controlled narcotics. Earlier, China announced the expanded control, even as it blamed US culture for abuse of the drug. The powerful painkiller, a large part of it believed to be made in China, is alleged to be driving a huge rise in drug addiction in the US.

DeathPetals 1 year

The dead and dying in Vancouver's DTES thank you. You're only responsible for three thousand deaths in the last two years...

Thomas Kline
Thomas Kline 1 year

This whole epidemic was pushed on us from Dr.'s offices. Oh you're in pain here's vicodin, when that doesn't work anymore we' ll prescribe oxycontin then when that fails to work we'll prescribe fentanyl.. It's the same as big tobacco, there was to much money to be made..

drakethesnake 1 year

The epidemic is from big pharma pushing oxy on everyone when they don't need it and the CIA selling their Afganistan heroin crops on the streets.

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