Trump threat to close border stirs economic fears

Trump threat to close border stirs economic fears

President Donald Trump’s threat to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border would hit American consumers - in the gut. From the avocados on avocado toast, to the limes and tequila in margaritas, the United States is heavily reliant on Mexican imports

dindu jujitsu
dindu jujitsu
dindu jujitsu
dindu jujitsu 1 year

Poor elites and their $20 avocado toast. Eat some Wheaties bitches.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 year


Wheeleze Rides
Wheeleze Rides 1 year

Cry me a river, and I can surf!

david dindu
david dindu 1 year

just buy american

Bryce Schniers
Bryce Schniers 1 year

yea, but avocados are a ecological disaster so good riddance. also the lefty hipsters will be sad, so that's good too

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 year

I like guacamole as much as anyone, but we can have more expensive avacados and limes and and tequila (probably just over the span of one month until Mexico relents and actually helps police its own border), or we can become Mexico. I know that's a hard choice for some to make, but I am slightly over to the side of not becoming Mexico. These are the highest illegal immigration figures in over a decade. Each year, illegal crossings make up the population of a moderate sized US city. Apprehensions (not including successful crossings, of which there were many) were over 76,000 in February. That means that it is likely that there will be over 1 million total illegal crossings this year alone, including those apprehended and those that got through. There are only 10 cities in the US with over 1 million people, meaning every year at this rate, illegal border crossers make up the equivalent of a top-ten US city. And many of these cities are already affected, such as the second largest US city, Los Angeles, which is 32% Mexican (49% Hispanic). (Non-Hispanic whites were 28.7% of the population in 2010...nearly a decade ago, compared to 86.3% in 1940.) Stopping the flow doesn't mean, "We hate Mexicans". It means, can we be maybe not become 100% Mexico? And can more of you maybe knock on the door to be let in instead of criminally breaking in? Unfortunately, that is too much to ask for most people.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

If it's for ensuring our safety... Do whatya gotta do.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

mAh AvAcAdOs

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 1 year

WHining because they want their slaves in mexico to keep growing them cheap food LEFTIST!

The Gas Mask Man
The Gas Mask Man 1 year


JerryBulletSponge 1 year

I saw the headline and was confused, wondering why there was a picture of an avocado.

DeathPetals 1 year

The pictures of avocados really sells the story.

Star Alien
Star Alien 1 year

He makes the economy unstable.

Brandon Spears
Brandon Spears 1 year

Ok so this would have a huge economic impact to where I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to sue Trump for this too but it's not just Avocados for those of you that don't know, Things that will be affected in either short supply or raising of prices would be: avacodos tomatoes peppers melons cucumbers raspberries black berries and eggplants not only does it affect those, but it will also effect the automotive production industry because 37% of auto parts inside automobiles are from Mexico like wiring harnesses for example making it to where auto production in US could shut down and alot of people would be out of the job. Not only that, we would be losing alot of money from the US exporting our goods to Mexico such as: beef, pork, Soybeans, Motor vehicle parts, and engine parts. I really hope he's bluffing again because this would not go down well and definitely not without a lawsuit or two

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