540 million Facebook users data exposed by 3rd party app developers

540 million Facebook users data exposed by 3rd party app developers

The data in question has since been removed from Amazon’s servers. Security firm UpGuard found records from 540 million Facebook users exposed on AWS that had been uploaded by third-party app developers. Some of the data included personal information like user IDs and account name’s but also user activity such as liked posts, comments, etc.

Kyle Vandenhoff
Kyle Vandenhoff
Shane 1 year

How much more exposure of fb can we get before it is finally torn down?

Minnow 1 year

Nothing to see here! Please disperse.

Robert Talbot
Robert Talbot 1 year

Gee. I sure didn’t see this coming. I am shocked that Mark Zuckerberg would handle my data irresponsibly. It’s all so out of character.

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 1 year

color me not surprised.

Ben B.
Ben B. 1 year

boycott Gulagbook

FriedChicken 1 year

imagine my shock

Troy McDude
Troy McDude 1 year

Prepare your anuses and open wiiiide

Julian Collot
Julian Collot 1 year

How long until a mob with pitchforks has to gather outside of Zucc’s house and demand privacy?

Morbo 1 year

isnt it interesting that no one gave a crap about FB selling users details until it became pivitol in changing how people got their information.

Manuel 1 year

News: “ Facebook exposes people’s private shit” Me: *pretends to be shocked *

Steven Cline
Steven Cline 1 year


Clay Campbell
Clay Campbell 1 year

Let's not forget: this isn't banking info or other confidential personal data, this is what we conciously submit to the public. The information was "leaked" the second the user hit post.

K Watson
K Watson 1 year


Mister Manager
Mister Manager 1 year

I deactivated mine years ago & never looked back.

Atheneum 1 year

Mark Zuckerberg is at it again.

Thanks 1 year

The real story here is that there are that many people still using Facebook.

DivineDawn 1 year

uh oh spaghetti O's!

MT144 1 year

what a surprise, right?

User Inactive
User Inactive 1 year

Privacy no longer exists on the internet, if it ever did.

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