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Virginia deputy shoots unarmed black man after mistaking a phone for a gun

Virginia deputy shoots unarmed black man after mistaking a phone for a gun

Virginia Deputy shot and severely wounded Isaiah Brown after mistaking the cordless house phone he was holding for a gun. 45 minutes after the police station had given Isaiah a ride, they received a call about a domestic disturbance between him and his brother. Isaiah had been on the phone with police dispatch when body cam footage shows him complying with police orders before being shot 10 times.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks

When a cop asks you if you have a gun you shouldn’t reach for your hip. From the dialogue it sounds like this guy was reaching in his pockets and not putting his hands up like the officer ordered him to. Just let the officer grab it for you. Heck. You have the right to ask him to move to a better lit/populated area if it’s late at night.

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

You know, everyone flaps their gums about police training, and that's cool, but have we ever thought about citizen training? Maybe a couple of classes peppered throughout the K-12 period on things like the Bill of Rights, how to act when pulled over, how to be a good Samaritan, important case laws, local laws, etc. You can't say that only one side needs training that is not going to solve the problem. Criminals are bad and crime is bad, it takes a two-pronged approach, the peacekeepers and the community both need to be hands-on.

E N..
E N.. 1 weeks

Twitchy cops and/or being an unsympathetic character are grounds for execution in America these days.

Louis 1 weeks

A hammer sees everything as a nail

Zeal 1 weeks

Sorry, no. I don’t buy it. Stripped of power indefinitely with no chance of returning to an empowered state of any kind and assault with a deadly weapon if not attempted murder. 5 years prison, 5 years probation.

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