AG Barr didn’t do justice to Mueller report, officials tell the New York Times

AG Barr didn’t do justice to Mueller report, officials tell the New York Times

Reports indicate some of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigators have warned that the findings of their probe are much more damaging for President Trump than AG William Barr indicated in his summary. Citing government officials, the New York Times report said some members believe Barr should have included more of their material in the summary he released on March 24.

Got Truth
Got Truth 1 year

Anyone still grasping to the “Trump colluded with the Russians to win” theory are a kin to Flat Earthers.

Roadhog 1 year

Trump won fair and square. Get over it.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 year

Citing "Some members of Muller's team". Come on who said this? Are the activist that are pretending to be journalists just making this up? Are the mainstream media, all six of them, creating a citogenesis so they can all do a circular reference to a mythical Muller team member? No source, garbage reporting. They could have been talking to the janitor of the building for all we know. Technically still part of the Muller Team.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 year

Barr is a political hack doing his master's bidding. Wait for the report. It will be nothing but black lines.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 year

Can we have the names of those that have made that claim.?

Aaron W
Aaron W 1 year

Do they see the point of all this is to damage Trump. Did he collude or not? I'm not interested in how people interpret his tweets, or snide remarks.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 1 year

Come back when you have a source.A friend of a mate hearing someone unnamed say something is worthless.

Tetranome 1 year

Hmm all left leaning sources... 😒

Mario A. Esquivel
Mario A. Esquivel 1 year

A friend of my cousin who has an uncle has a friend that said..

Ricky Spanish (Deathmetalguy95)
Ricky Spanish (Deathmetalguy95) 1 year

They are grasping at straws. As it stands, Mueller recommended no further indictments, there have been 0 indictments related to conspiring with Russia, and Mueller doesn't recommend impeachment.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

In year 2050 they'll probably still be talking about the fucking Mueller Report!

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