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UK issues passports without ’European Union’ on cover

UK issues passports without ’European Union’ on cover

Britain has begun issuing passports with the words ’European Union’ removed from the front cover. The longstanding decision to start introducing passports without reference to the EU had gone ahead from March 30, the day after the original date for Brexit.

z3phyrus14 1 year

Good. Finally some tangible Brexit.

null null
null null 1 year


Dave 1 year

Bring back the hardcover blue passports. You don't show it to officials you bat them aside with it. "Out of the way Johnny Foreigner! You don't need to look at it. It's British. That's all you need to know. Reason for visit? Imperialism."

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

Because they know I will happen eventually. As soon as corrupt parliament allows it and stops delaying. When the people tell you what they want and you try to actively oppose it and prevent it, you are not a democracy.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 year

1% there. Just 99% to go.

Meyer 1 year

lololol All that effort and that's all they got to show for it? Boy am I happy we have Trump on our side of the pond.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

EU don't dare extend that freaking deadline!

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 1 year

May has totally fucked up Brexit

Dominique 1 year

Finally, at least a few results. Wasn't that hard was it you corrupt cunts.

Matthew Rowley
Matthew Rowley 1 year

Good, the people want their sovereignty and they should get it.

Akira Kevin
Akira Kevin 1 year


Pacific Pleb
Pacific Pleb 1 year


OUTRAW mf 1 year

this is a hollow gesture. I hope the brexiteers don't fall for that

Black Mirror “Nathan” Darth
Black Mirror “Nathan” Darth 1 year

It's about time Treasa May shit, or get off the pot as they say! One of the worst PM ever!

GUYIVKS 1 year

I suppose next is a crescent moon and star.

Tbird302 1 year

I guess that’s a good first step. Good luck Britain I hope you get your sovereignty back.

Honest Hari
Honest Hari 1 year

We were a World Empire so what's the problem with a Brexit. These leaders have no balls and no guts.

Zoran 1 year

Luke Duke
Luke Duke 1 year

.m .1 z a1 sa zz.

NPC 33331
NPC 33331 1 year

Its official,,,, CONGRATS UK!!!

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