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North Carolina sheriff to seek release of body cam video of fatal shooting

North Carolina sheriff to seek release of body cam video of fatal shooting

A North Carolina sheriff whose deputies shot and killed a black man while serving warrants said that he will ask a court to release body camera video as soon as he’s confident it won’t compromise the investigation. Seven deputies have been placed on leave amid indications that Andrew Brown Jr. Wooten was shot in the back as he tried to drive away in an Elizabeth City neighborhood.

Mel 2 weeks

why the hell do people run or drive away from the cop's when you know what's going to happen are they all trying to be martyr's or something

Robert_Clearwater 2 weeks

Rev. William Barber II: "America, here is the issue: a warrant is not a license to kill, even if a suspect supposedly drives away..." [Expand] But it is though. SCOTUS has already ruled that police may shoot a fleeing suspect if they believe the suspect may cause further harm to the public. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle puts you in possession of a deadly weapon. If a suspect resists arrest, flees the scene, and then takes possession of a deadly weapon, a high speed chase could result in a pedestrian fatality. I will gladly pay for the bullets that keep those kinds of people off the streets. These people that shout on soapboxes but have absolutely zero working knowledge of the laws of their land are very harmful.

coughdrop1989 2 weeks

A black 7 year old boy just got shot and killed by another black man. No riots. Thug runs from a cop, whom you have no idea if he shot the kid or not and he gets shot, a riot for a thug and not street violence. Liberal logic.

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