Florida man arrested for burglary minutes after leaving jail

Florida man arrested for burglary minutes after leaving jail

A Florida man was re-arrested within minutes after his released for burglarizing cars in the jail’s parking lot. 37-year-old Casey Lewis bonded out of jail Thursday was caught by deputies burglarizing several cars outside the jail. Lewis was then released a second time that day on bond.

Blehgior 9 months


Cauasia Rush
Cauasia Rush 9 months

Doesn’t matter if you’re left or right. We all agree that Florida is just that one state that is specifically designed to flawlessly entertain all of the other states.

The Toad
The Toad 9 months

Florida man strikes again!

Big Bang Boi
Big Bang Boi 9 months

Oh Florida man

Mario 9 months

Incoming Florida man comments

Maja Romo
Maja Romo 9 months

Pretty tame for Florida Man. No alligators sodomized?

Samuel Pearson
Samuel Pearson 9 months

Florida Man strikes again

DivineVortex 9 months

Florida man won’t stop

Daddy Tito
Daddy Tito 9 months

We need Florida man survival bunkers.

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 9 months

Of course he did

Bolbi Strogonovsky
Bolbi Strogonovsky 9 months

Ah, the Florida Man strikes again!

redSiken 9 months

Well, it’s Florida

Jason S Savitt
Jason S Savitt 9 months

Florida man strikes again

Billy De
Billy De 9 months

I read "Florida Man" and I immediately knew it was going to be something crazy.

Zandex623 9 months

Another florida headine am i right

Wolny Słowianin
Wolny Słowianin 9 months

He strikes again!

Tetranome 9 months

The St. Lucie PD were recently trying to introduce Florida Man into the wild with the hopes he would "be free" as one might say. This is when the temptation to loot nearby cars came upon him. He was unable to resist the easy access to readily available shiny things and unfortunately succumbed to his urges resulting in him being returned to his natural habitat. Better luck next time Florida Man.

Sandslashr 9 months

Old habits die hard

Rachel Tressler
Rachel Tressler 9 months

Ah yes. The infamous Florida man 😂

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 9 months

Well, then...

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