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Virginia trooper kicked from force after traffic stop viral video

Virginia trooper kicked from force after traffic stop viral video

A spokesperson for the Virginia State Police said that a trooper who was captured on video telling a Black driver ’you are going to get your a—whipped’ and yanking him out of the car by his neck is no longer with the force. State police were prohibited from releasing additional details about the trooper, Charles Hewitt, who was seen in the viral video of a 2019 traffic stop.

bhp 2 weeks

Why can't people just comply with law enforcement. If you're asked to do something and you have done nothing wrong or have no warrents do what you're asked of then move on. The problem is low life people think they are above the law and can do whatever they want. This has always been a thing but now they have easy access to social media and can share it with the world to see. Look at me look at me. I was oppressed because I think I dont have to follow orders of law enforcement. Did the officer over step? Yes, but damn I'm sure he's sick and tired of these entitled little punks. This goes for all races and genders.

Cheryl 2 weeks

"Thompson was subsequently arrested for misdemeanor obstruction of justice without force, and pleaded guilty in a district court in early 2020." But why plead guilty if you claim innocence?

Jeremy 2 weeks

so did he get his a$$ whooped?

Shono 2 weeks

Chris Rock said it best: Obey the Law *that look in his eyes* 👍

Randall 2 weeks

Why do cops have to get so emotional? Just do the job you applied for and keep your tender feelings at home.

sean 2 weeks

If the cop doesn't break the constitution then you should comply

Dan 2 weeks

He failed to comply, and the officer was unprofessional in his conduct in the arrest. He escalated instead od de-escalating.

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