5th grader who died after school fight hit her head on a bookshelf, mother says

5th grader who died after school fight hit her head on a bookshelf, mother says

The mother of a fifth grader who died after a fight at her South Carolina elementary school said other students in her class have told her she hit her head on a bookshelf. Ashley Wright said she was frustrated by the lack of answers after her 10-year-old daughter Raniya died two days after the March 25 fight. Wright also claims her daughter had been bullied multiple times for her appearance.

TakeThePill 1 year

How do we stop situations like this without turning schools into total prisons? I'm not even being spicy right now, I genuinely want some ideas. Kids already hate school. I know you guys remember how oppressive it felt. How do we stop people from being assholes without controlling their entire existence?

Nobody At all
Nobody At all 1 year

This will be unpopular. I’m saying this as an adult who was bullied very severely in school. Kids bully each other, it is part of them sorting each other out, and no matter how many feel good initiatives you have, it will happen. Im not trying to justify it, but that’s how it goes. The only solution I’ve seen is to raise a strong a resilient child who can handle that kind of adversity.

redhandsbluefaces 1 year

Not to be rude but how is this news?

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 1 year

I'm not formally educated in this matter; I've often suspected bullying is made worse by "zero tolerance" policies. Children would understandably be less likely to stand up for others if they fear suspension/expulsion. That poor family, what a dreadful loss.

Havoc44 1 year

what's wrong with the kids appearance? looks like a typical kid to me

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year


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