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gerry 3 months
a dark day for journalism
Mike Clark 3 months
Been a dark few years
Randy Whaley 3 months
It was already a dark day for news media und real journalism when Assange put other people in danger by leaking sensitive security protocol und the personal schedules of U.S. government officials in many other countries. He went too far.
Vic A 3 months
Randy - Assange released war crimes documents and evidence of extreme corruption within the US and other governments. National security includes corruption, but you won’t see govt or MSM covering that.

Talon One 3 months
Oh great. Thanks UK
3 months
GREAT MOVE BY ECUADOR AND GB! Now turn him over to the US to face trial for publishing stolen Top Secret information. Throw the book at him!
O'Brien 3 months
Right, so we're jailing journalists now, that's the next step into hell we'll take. Will we torture them like Khashoggi too?
Nuclear Jellyfish 3 months
yes coz all the people of the Uk got a choice didn't they yankydoodle

The Inquisitor 3 months
When Russia says you're strangling freedom...
Don Grantham 3 months
Must be some more collusion for freedom...
Victor Cox 3 months
That is what I read. Like holy hell.

CoLpOeSnED 3 months
'Assange was arrested on a warrant from 2012 for failing to surrender to the court.' wtf? surrender to the court based on what? This is like being charged resisting arrest without a reason for an arrest in the first place.
Danny Mcgrath 3 months
I believe the Islamic republic of Sweden want on on trumped up fake rape charges.
Smasher Devourer 3 months
suprise sex they called it smh. sad day
SimonR 3 months
Just so long as you don't mention the rape gangs

Got Truth 3 months
Telling the truth can be a very dangerous action when it threatens the cover of lies from governments around the world. Very bad day for independent journalism. MSM no change.
3 months
There is a limit as to what so called truths can be published. Publishing Stolen Top Secret Government files is a bridge too far. His arrest and eviction from the Ecuadorian embassy is justified. He must now be tried for publishing America's Top Secrets. No Mercy.
Steven Cline 3 months
MSM reporter would never risk jail for their beliefs. That's why we need people like Assange and indie media.
Randy Whaley 3 months
Telling the truth ist one thing. Leaking sensitive security protocol und the personal schedules of U.S. officials in many countries, endangering their lives, ist called self-important, quest for fame, stupidity.

Crimson 3 months
What the fuck is wrong with the UK? Every week it seems they revert back 10 more years.
M.Twain 3 months
Revert back is redundant.
MEIJIN44 3 months
Remember this is colloquial speech not formal dialogue. Grammar, diction, formal definitions, traditional spelling, and sentence structure need not apply. All sentences can start with and as well as but. Non sequiturs, run on sentences, and odd sentence breaks should be expected.
Ryan M 3 months
Thankfully many people are finally clued in that progressives are actually regressive, that anti-fascists are actually fascists, and that leftism is a mental illness.

Star Alien 3 months
Pour one out for assange.
Jake Middleton 3 months
I can finally agree with this bot
MEIJIN44 3 months
Agreed. Well played Star Alien well played.
Darth Quaint 3 months
*checks for disruptions in the space-time continuum*

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
You speak truth to power for too long and the powers that be will try to crucify you.
Blaeingr 3 months
Part of his problem is his ego. Speaking truth to power is a great thing, but acting like you are special when you're a guest will get you in trouble. I hope that Trump will drop interest in Assange, but I doubt it will happen.
O'Brien 3 months
Assange is nothing like a regular person, including his personality. He mentioned years before this happened that he believed it would and yet he has never wavered. He was raised in a sect that is very famous here in Australia.

Thunder Laus 3 months
Must be a hero then

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
Free Assange!

Monster Mash 3 months
so he apparently behaved himself for over 6 years, but then starts acting out when there is more pressure applied to get him out? uh huh that's believable /s I am not sure what is going to happen, but knowing the UK and the EU (Sweden) it isn't going to be good.
3 months
That was great. Applying increased pressure on him to finally break him. Bring him to US and try him for publishing American State Secrets.
TakeThePill 3 months
He published secrets about your country tyrannically spying on you, you ungrateful, cum puddle of a troglodyte. The man's an American hero, and so is Snowden.
Kable tha Kiid 3 months
Bring him to the US so Trump can pardon him and then spill the beans on how he got the leaks from Seth Rich and not Russia.

Danny Mcgrath 3 months
This man did more to help expose the international war crimes of the U.S than anyone else in history. He most certainly is a hero.
Christian Kenny 3 months
A while ago I would have gotten angry at this and said something about how the US polices the world and our troops are dying for our freedom. After finding out about Bush and Obama destabilizing countries and making shady deals that weren’t in the interest of the US I fell down a rabbit whole and see it now. Our guys get sent off to fights and die in conflicts that benefit other countries and corporations. They killed thousands of people fighting for their own countries which today are unrecognizable. The worst part about the whole thing is finding the links to Israel. I know it’s weird I’m putting it but I know that people who think what I used to think will comment here too. Just hope they will see it.
Havoc44 3 months
technically it wasn't the US committing war crimes. we just had allies in the region who were and are violating a s*** ton of Human Rights and we just turn a blind eye...
Captain Cheese 3 months
Turning a blind eye to a crime is just as bad as committing the crime in my opinion.

Thumper Plexed 3 months
Knowing how draconian the laws in the UK are getting he was probably humming Aerosmith's "dude looks like a lady" too close to a magazine with Caitlyn Jenner on it and someone in the embassy reported him for it. All kidding aside this is absolutely terrible and terrifying. Julian Assange should be a free man.
Just An Opinion 3 months
Bruce* Jenner
Thumper Plexed 3 months
@Just An Opinion Who is this Bruce that you speak of? I live in Canada where there has only ever been Caitlyn, and if you disagree the Ministry Of Maple Truth will come put a bag over your head and you will never be seen again. Just jokes 😅... For now 🤐
Sam Lowry 3 months
Welcome to Airstrip One.

Alfred Ivarsson 3 months
Oh shite. Please don't execute him.
3 months
Maesterfully 3 months
He will probably end up in Guantanamo Bay at this point
Julian Collot 3 months
Why should anyone be executed for being a whistleblower?

TakeThePill 3 months
Tim Pool's video on the situation just came out, it's sitting in my sub feed, and YT's claiming it's "unavailable." Can one of y'all go try to click on it and tell me if it's the same for you?
Ray S 3 months
same here
O'Brien 3 months
Alex Played for me. Has title "YT suppressing this"...
Monster Mash 3 months
played for me, but I had it on a playlist? I don't know if that would change anything though. About 10mins ago I couldn't see the comments here on newsvoice, when I wanted to see an reply. I am in Australia would it be a country ban?

Jacob Seeger 3 months
You know your country's deteriorating when Russia accuses you of violating freedom.

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
“Can’t we just drone this guy?” Hillary Clinton 

Dust Phoxner 3 months
Why is it that the real journalist get arrested while the fake journalist get to live free and continue their mass enslavement of the world? (Yes this is rhetorical)
redhandsbluefaces 3 months
I find it funny how the MSM were claiming that Trump was jeopardizing freedom of the press when the press itself has been bought and paid for by the dems.
Lance 3 months
If things continue like this its only a matter of time before they come for us, the nobody dissenters with no major social media followings.

Gradient Flow 3 months
To you, only because he has all the dirt on the dirty deeds you did while Obama was in office.
The Autarch 3 months
Amen to that

Thumper Plexed 3 months
No one can forget about this. If they can come for one for telling the truth they will come for all before you know it. Julian Assange must be freed.