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F T 3 months
Walmart and Amazon are actually pointing fingers at each other?! These corporate psychopaths need to be strung up! Didn't he only raise his minimum wages only after public pressure, and then cut some beneficial programs for employees to counter that cost?! How much money do you need to siphon up, Bezos? The attitudes of these pigs at the top are truly loony as fuck!
KingOfBeds 3 months
Minimum is honestly a bandage concept right now. it needs to be linked to inflation and cost-of-living, while simultaneously gathering appropriate funds from higher income persons and most importantly, stop corporate welfare.
SimonR 3 months
It's almost like the people employed on minimum wage aren't being productive enough to be profitable at a higher wage....
Hannibal 3 months
And I'll bet he shops there.

Fernando Granizo 3 months
You get a virtue signal! You get a virtue signal! Everyone gets a virtue signal!

Rick Smith 3 months
raising the minium wage creates an artificial barrier of entry into the job market. I really wish more people could understand this.
SûmFigöt 3 months
Unless wages are raised voluntarily. Jeff could afford to pay more when he shuffled some of the employee benefits around.

Star Alien 3 months
They are both corrupt and anti-worker.
Danny 3 months
Must be that central planning you like.
Hannibal 3 months
The phone you typed on was made by slaves.
Rocky LeBlanc 3 months
That is an extremely factually ignorant statement. Employees and employers are in a mutually beneficial VOLUNTARY relationship. Neither is forced to be there and both have the opportunity to negotiate the rate they feel the service is worth. It's called free market and it is 100% driven by supply and demand.

Ben B. 3 months
Not a fan of Walmart, but he's right. Tax loopholes are out of control, it's time to close them. You don't have to raise taxes if you just eliminate loopholes.

Vashman 3 months
this is a chrony business move that will completely shut out small businesses and make it impossible for them to start up. It's just so he can eliminate new competition before it even starts. Dirty.
flinx101 3 months
And to put his competitors out of business. the real reason he can afford to yell about raising minimum wage is because he doesn't have to pay robots.

beanie weaine 3 months
Or how bout you pay your fucking employees Walmart you Satan’s ass hole of a company
Hannibal 3 months
Your Chinese phone was made by slaves. Stfu
beanie weaine 3 months
Wow you really got me there hannible because some poor Chinese person built my phone means I’m not aloud to have opinions on things. Your an inspiration to all bottom feeding scum too angry or stupid to form rational thought.

Julian 3 months
He’s an egomaniac
Lance 3 months
they are both egomaniacs

Scruffy Stoat 3 months
because Walmart never accepts tax incentives... Walmart can eat a big fat D, can't wait for Amazon to put em out of business. They pay their employees nothing and then the tax payer has to foot the bill for their employees' food stamps which are then spent at WALMART. Otherwise known as, corporate welfare.
Hannibal 3 months
So which is worse, not paying anything or not paying enough?
Rocky LeBlanc 3 months
I agree. We need to end entitlements. Full stop. Get rid of any corruption incentives.

Unbiased Intent 3 months
Yeah and then people started losing their jobs because they were now too expensive. Been there done that.

Starr 3 months
I love how we now have the 1% having fights over Twitter 🤡🌎

Kenguru Safari 3 months
This is too good

Hannibal 3 months
Steven Cline 3 months
Best comment.

Darren Brown 3 months
Amazon has a point, why pay federal taxes when your workers can pay it for you?

DivineDawn 3 months
how about you both stop being cunts working for Walmart is like working for a cult I've heard from people that have worked there and Amazon has been in trouble for overworking its employees penalising them and violating there human rites they've been in the news multiple times for it

GreenMachine 3 months
It's an online highly automated business that has some of the highest revenues in the world isn't at the expense of other retailers. But sure challenge them to carry a financial millstone.