Disney’s Bob Iger says Hitler would’ve loved social media

Disney’s Bob Iger says Hitler would’ve loved social media

Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger took a dig at the popularity of social media, saying it was a powerful marketing tool and Hitler would have loved it. Calling it the ’most powerful marketing tool an extremist could ever hope for’, Iger said it reflects a narrow world view. Iger also blamed social media for spreading hate, saying that it creates a false sense that everyone shares the same opinion.

Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals 8 months

Hitler would have been deplatforming all his detractors in exactly the same way the Leftist social media oligarchs do today.

Aaron W
Aaron W 8 months

Hitler was a fan of media ologopolies, and controlling the narrative. He was not a fan of freedom of speech.

Turn N Burn
Turn N Burn 8 months

I am so tired of hearing about what Hitler would do in a fantasy world. This does not seem like news to me, but who am I?

Roadhog 8 months

Disney is Woke AF

Darren Brown
Darren Brown 8 months

He should know.

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