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That Farang 3 months
Headline fixed: College kids support racist monetary gain
mariah 3 months
if only news voice would

Sarah Talbert 3 months
Reparations for that time they were enslaved? Oh, wait, no that actually happened to a bunch of dead people that they never met. Entitlement has broken the meter.

space ghost 3 months
Next news out of Georgetown will be enrollment has dropped not because high prices but because of racism.
Wholly Mindless 3 months
And then because of high tuition...

Michael Tatom 3 months
What about the tens of thousands of white Union soldiers who gave their lives defending freed slaves? What do their families get?
Eric Fossum 3 months
They get to pay reparations.
DMan 3 months
Nothing. White Privilege. Lol
Edward Williams 3 months
The finger

T.N. Morgan 3 months
Lmao! I approve. Yes, take money from all these libtard snowflakes, raise their tuition fees, increase their student debts. They fucking deserve it.

Center Right Latino 3 months
Oh wow, these kids have no concept of finances or their world views. I get that im neither white or black so I'm not really in the space, but what does something that happened 200 years ago matter today? Are we giving people money because they were born into the right family then? Sounds like privilege to me.
Jason Culligan 3 months
They also seem to lack an understanding of linear time.

Paul Dixon 3 months
I have African heritage dating back to the 1700-1800ā€™s in America. Does that mean I can get reparations money for what my ancestor has gone through then? (PS: This is sarcasm, I do not want reparations for my ancestor, Iā€™m 98% white, but this whole thing is really stupid)

R Lewis 3 months
The Miami Dolphins & The New Orleans Saints took a knee in London, UK during the Star Spangled Banner but stood for 'God Save the Queen'. The concept of reparations against England as the exporter of slavery seems... lost. The reality of indentured servitude, institutionalised racism against the Irish, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, Jews... lost. The fact that black slaves were sold to the Spanish and the Portuguese by black Africans... lost. It's not just the NFL and Georgetown Students who have no idea about history. It's everyone who walks around with their eyes shut against the truth. Do you even know that the British King designed the American flag?
R Lewis 3 months
Another thing... three percent of whites owned slaves. Twenty five percent of free blacks owned slaves. End of rant.
Seed 3 months
R Lewis I think reparations is a terrible idea but do you have a source? On the slavery ownership by race statistic

Jake Middleton 3 months
So if their tuition comes out of government funds, does that mean that taxpayers are paying reperayshuns now?
stephanie allen 3 months
yup... every single one no matter the race.

Jake Middleton 3 months
David Rossa 3 months
Honk Honk
Aight Bradley 3 months
Careful, Newsvoice might ban you for those racist clown emojis.
Edward Williams 3 months
@Bradley šŸ‘Œ

The Civic Nationalist 3 months
The level of indoctrination students succumb to astounds me. Then again teachers unions have ensured that K-12 serves as a primer for thinly veiled Marxian propaganda to be jammed into their heads at 18. It's truly satanic to exploit the messianic phase of development and the trust the youth have in the legitimacy of academia to recruit them into resentful subversive psuedo academic ideology. I'm not surprised they voted for this, they're essentially empty vessels programmed by their professors and they've tied their identity as burgeoning adults with this self righteously indignant fantasy of struggling for justice against a system of opression; They literally think that a milk toast conservative speaker poses a risk to "marginalized students" and use this as justification for thuggish fascistic "protests;" this embarassing lunacy shouldn't suprise anyone.

david dindu 3 months
they dont care. its student loan money

David Brock 3 months
could you imagine how much racist and condescending comments would be made if Chinese people wanted reparations for being legislated out of every industry during the 1900s from mining to agriculture to their existence via the Chinese exclusion act? And what's the difference? That the Chinese are less proficient at being professional victims?
Edward Williams 3 months
The left hates Asians because they are a major flaw in their "whites make more money than anyone else" bullshit. Asians outperform everyone else.

DMan 3 months
Imagine: After the vote, they do a racial survey and 100% of the student body turns out claiming "black". What happens next? Does tuition still go up?
Lavose 3 months
with identity politics, you could always identify as black, can they question that?

Beck70 3 months
Reparations-money from people who had zero involvement with slavery, given to those who were never slaves.

SimonR 3 months
Blacks need to get over how their ancestors happily enslaved and sold them to better people. Who destroyed slavery? Whites. Blacks owe whites reparations if anything. Freedom isn't free.

Ben B. 3 months
well at least now I know where not to go

Tin Ego 3 months
All reparations were paid in blood by the Union Army. To attempt this heist is to rubbish the sacrifice made by those Americans

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months
It's far too late for reparations. It won't work. Black skin does not mean you deserve reparation. We would have to trace lineage to an actual slave family member. Do Chinese americans get reparation for the terrible life they had in early America? Do family of those who were forcibly sterilized under Eugenics get reparation? It's too late guys.

Jester 3 months
The lunacy continues! Honk Honk!