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Janitor Jez BingBangBong 3 months
If you have one, put it on ebay. I reckon they will be in great demand in Ohio going forward and you will make a few bucks on the deal. 😁
Unbiased Intent 3 months
Yeah, with all those insane leftists. Literally crazy people.
themdg MOD 3 months
You mean I can murder my child and get rich winning a lawsuit?! (/me pukes)
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 3 months
Well, you could do that or you could put it on ebay or you could return it. I am just a janitor so direct any further queries to Fisher-Price customer services.

Experiment Eks 3 months
I'm guessing the product is made in China.

david dindu 3 months
some components were made by boeing

Brandon G 3 months
While that is certainly a tragedy 30 babies dying over the last 10 years is statistically irrelevant the product is clearly not at fault.
Chett Michael 3 months
where are you getting these numbers from? I skimmed the articles and didn't see them. if these numbers are right agree. that is insignificant.
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 3 months
The figures are there (except when they say decade)☺. One says 36 deaths linked to it.

Hubert Żurawik 3 months
Only in the US.
GUYIVKS 3 months
not like baby formula adulterated with extracts from radiator coolant from China or vodka adulterated with toxic chemicals from Russia right?
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 3 months
Guy, no, just like that.

Cole Neely 3 months
I have one. I can't recommend this product enough. It worked so well we used this $50 rocker while the $400 bassinet just sat there taking up space. It's simple folks use the restraining harness every time and stop using it when your baby is strong enough to roll out.

Mike 3 months
It took 30 babies to die before a recall? WTF?
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 3 months
3 a year. About 20 toddlers shoot themselves every year. Are you saying its time for a recall of all firearms too?
Aight Bradley 3 months
It's time to recall dumbasses who leave loaded guns around their toddlers.
Orion Dakota 3 months
Aight Bradley: Even being an avid 2nd amendment supporter and registered concealed pistol licensee I agree that if your firearm is so poorly secured that a toddler can use it, you deserve the sentencing. The only firearm I leave "unsecured" is the one that is on me. Not exactly fitting the definition unsecured but it's the one not in a locked case or with a trigger lock.

Morbo 3 months
"Contrary to the safety instructions"? How? Did the parents put their kids in face down?
DivineDawn 3 months
I wouldn't be surprised