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JL Nothere 1 weeks
In Minnesota this sadly is not shocking. This guy smashed up the Minneapolis down town library computers stating he saw something upsetting on Facebook. The defense that got him off for that, throwing drinks and tea at women who refused to buy him food and violating numerous trespassing orders; he has severe anger problems. Got him off the hook so far.
Jacqueline Hagedorn 1 weeks
He should be in jail for life or a mental institution.. otherwise he will continue to commit crimes.
Randy Souse-Git 1 weeks
I'm going to assume he is looking at institutionalization for quite some time.
Edward Williams 1 weeks
Trying to kill a kid? Hopefully death penalty.

Nuclear Jellyfish 1 weeks
The headline is propaganda. the child was THROWN.
Christian Kenny 1 weeks
Wtf is wrong with you? Propaganda and a misleading title are two different things.
Nuclear Jellyfish 1 weeks
No they aren't - A misleading title on purpose is a form of propaganda. please learn what words mean, Yanky Doodle.
Christian Kenny 1 weeks
What’s the purpose of having propaganda when this article is linked to different articles that have different opinions and content?

Alyy Defies 1 weeks
why can we not call it what it is when it comes to people of color. the kid didn't fall, this sick fuck THREW HIM.
Return of the Gorgon 1 weeks
because you have a parasite that runs your media!!! henry ford knew about them!!!

Jake Middleton 1 weeks
It was a white boy and a black man so nobody will care
Eric Fossum 1 weeks
Except for racist I guess?

Mr. B 1 weeks
Wow, the dude tried to yeet out of the mall as well. Not Nice

david dindu 1 weeks
looks like gravity still works

........ 1 weeks
Let me guess, he was black?
Minnow 1 weeks
Yes, and has a record of causing problems. A shitty person is a shitty person. A disproportionate amount of the black community is causing a lot of crimes. Let's figure out how to fix it without vast government policies.
Experiment Eks 1 weeks
Not to speak for OP but I guess the reason why he made that comment was, we all know if the man was white and it's a black kid not only will they condemn this man as a sick fuck but some groups might even paint it as a "hate b crime".
........ 1 weeks
Yes that was my point

Avi Khait 1 weeks
What have the country came down to, you cannot even throw a baby from the 5th floor!

The Gas Mask Man 1 weeks
Jesus Christ

Kenguru Safari 1 weeks
so he is already well know for previous crimes. Still able to stroll areas he is banned in. Thats a good sign of a woke society.
Return of the Gorgon 1 weeks
dont you know it is racist to block black people from accessing white kids??

The Civic Nationalist 1 weeks
Speedy trial with a fair defense and due process, then a quick drop and sudden stop. No need for people who throw children over three story ledges.

Beck70 1 weeks
Man arrested after throwing child off of third story balcony of MOA. There, fixed it for you.

I am Cobalt 1 weeks
Whats the deal with the outbreak in the news of children falling from the sky?
Raincloud 1 weeks
Not funny
Minnow 1 weeks
There's a joke there somewhere with a Raincloud saying children falling from the sky trend is not funny.

Return of the Gorgon 1 weeks
the jew ran media will ignore this!!!

Naomi Steele 1 weeks
Oh no :(

Janitor Jez 138 million 1 weeks
Now that is that is pushing late-term to new extremes.

ReJewTech JewSA 1 weeks
Watch him walk free just like Jussie Smollet