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New photos show Bill Clinton meeting with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

New photos show Bill Clinton meeting with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

New evidence has come to light, showing alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein visited the Clinton White House after donating to their renovation of the Oval Office. The Sun released photos of the two meeting directly with Bill Clinton in a type of VIP reward for their support. This comes toward the end of Maxwell’s trial.

Eric Hansen
Eric Hansen
O'Brien 2 weeks

Immeasurably high levels of duh

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 weeks

I guess this story could serve as an example of just how far ahead in truth independent media is compared to MSM. This is old news in independent media and had been attacked as a conspiracy. MSM can talk about it now as the Clinton's are not running for office. This was conspiracy during the 2016 election. I wonder if even FOX can be trusted.

good citizen
good citizen 2 weeks

This is old news. We already know the Clintons, Trump, and a good number of a list stars and politicians are part of his pedophile community. Drop some new names please. I'm almost sure that list is full of leaders of other countries A list stars and televangelist

michael 2 weeks

Well yeah, clinton was gross. But for some reason, to the right wing, him getting a blowjob was worse than trump pressuring a foreign country to assist in a reelection campaign, or inciting a riot, or trying to personally enrich himself using his office.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 weeks

Notice no left leaning sources here. Also I love how both articles here go, muh Trump as well.

Csaba 2 weeks

Comes out now??

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 2 weeks

Who cares?

Csaba 2 weeks

Hush hush during the election. Now drip drip drip. When will Hunter Bidens laptop coverup come out?????

Seekster 2 weeks

Its the Clintons so they will never be held accountable.

James 2 weeks

Why are photos from 28 years ago considered "news"?

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 2 weeks

Epstein didn't kill himself. He caught a bad case of Clintonitis.

Darin 2 weeks

Notice nothing from msm not cnn. This will be ignored.

snarley 2 weeks

All the footage of him with Trump doesnt matter....but this does?

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 weeks

Anyone with an IQ over 70 knows they were very very close friends and have done awful things to children.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 2 weeks

Wait, Epstein wasn’t convicted of anything he died before he could tell all.

Shono 2 weeks

Maybe now the brainwashed masses will understand why people pushed the Hillary ped0 info

Barry 2 weeks

Hmm. Socialites being social.. and why rags like The Post and The Sun? This was likely in real newspapers years ago

John W
John W 2 weeks

Bill Clinton is a per✌️ert? 😱🤯

a person
a person 2 weeks

like thats new. the clintons were already listed in Epstein's black book

Just Chillin
Just Chillin 2 weeks

Umm, when was The trial that convicted Epstein?

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