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swifticus 85 3 months
Not a hate crime though I see. imagine if a white man threw a 5 year old african American boy off that balcony. the out rage would be massive. but no-one wants to call this one for what it is.
D_D_181 3 months
Imagine a Japanese man throwing a 5 y/o Indian boy off a balcony. Imagine a German man throwing a 5 y/o Australian boy off a balcony. It’s a crime either way. It ruins countless lives either way. I would hope there’d be an outrage either way. It’s the same horrible scenario anyway you put it. Either racial or mental health wise, it ends up the same way, the guy is going to serve some time. Let the courts figure out if it was motivated by race or if it was actually the guy’s long recorded mental health. I’m not a judge and you’re (probably) not a judge either.
The Autarch 3 months
DD, you must be new here. This is always how the narrative goes - rules for thee, not for me. Black people commit heinous crimes like this, and the media help cover it up, because they 'dindu nuffin'. OP was pointing out the continued double standard.
Eric Fossum 3 months
Aut- not so much. If the OP related it to a similar story, but just speculating, no.

mariah 3 months
ok crazy theory time, all the White people bad propaganda has had a very unique un-spoken back lash, remember those white kids in daycare who were forced to fight each other for the 'care taker's' enjoyment they were all under 5years old, or the retarded white kid who was torture and then left to die, and those are just the few examples I've got off of memory, if you remember one too add it. angry adults (of color) will attack or see harm for white children because in their eyes, THEY DESERVE IT, FOR HAVING WHITE PRIVILEGE
Robert 3 months
A coworker of my mother's and her daughter were sitting in their car on the side of road. A car full of 3 black women yelled something at them, then drug them out of the car and beat them including giving the daughter a concussion by bashing her head in the concrete. She said she couldn't think of any reason she could have provoked them, just sitting there. I can think of one. White people are taught from the day we are born that racism is absolutely not ok. Black people are not, in fact for the past few year we have seen things like the Smollett case where they are being taught that racism against whites is ok.
U WOT M8 3 months
@Robert this is why white people need to conceal carry for defensive purposes.
Eric Fossum 3 months
This man has a has a history of mental illness, not racist ideologies.

Danny Mcgrath 3 months
This bloke is obviously an absolute headcase. I believe he's had a half dozen crazy incidents in the past in this very mall and was supposed to be barred from the place. He might even do a Smolett and be hailed as a 'black hero' in this fucked up anti-white time we live in.

Ywacch 3 months
Black person: * suspect of a possible hate crime * News outlets: * report it * Left wing news: Y’all hear sumn?

T.N. Morgan 3 months
Fucking asshole. Deserves to be burned alive.

U WOT M8 3 months

LittlePrints 3 months
There are not any left "news" coverages.....

Jim Regan 3 months
His Somali heritage is being hidden by Fake News.

Minnow 3 months
Nothing to see hear ladies and gentlemen. Please disperse.
Jackie MOD 2 months
who are you, the cops?

Notsurewewillsee 3 months
Honestly it is amazing the child is still breathing, I hope he fully recovers and the man responsible will spend a life time in jail.

Paris Cloud 3 months
throw him off the fifth floor

D_D_181 3 months
Alright guys, can we just pump the brakes a tad here? It’s a pretty open shut deal, an unfortunate event at that, but the guy had a criminal record with mental health. He probably didn’t wake up that day thinking “ya know what? Ima go throw a white kid off a balcony today”. Idk about you guys but I’m doing what the mother asked for, prayers. I really truthfully hope the child has a speedy recovery.

Ob 3 months
If the White man had tossed the Black child the elite-owned media would have non-stop nation-wide print and broadcast coverage and the incident would be regularly mentioned for years to come. That is how long-ago White against Black incidents are handled now. When the Black assaults the White the coverage is far less and is quickly forgotten by the media and society at large. When Black leaders descend and garner immense publicity the Black populace too often rampages, riots and loots in outrage. The White populace remains calm. Look to the Web and detect the growing anger within the White populace. The elite tyrannical media double-standard may be the spark that ignites the glowing embers of White anger into a conflagration that envelopes all the USA.
Jackie MOD 2 months

ReJewTech JewSA 3 months
From the same great state that turned its capital city into Somalia and elected Ilhan Omar. Remember when Minnesota was remembered for nice midwesterners and cheese? I wonder what changed...
D_D_181 3 months
Cheese? That’s Wisconsin there eh. I try to tell myself that Minnesota isn’t turning into states like New York or California, as I rarely see wackos on the street here. Idk must just be in the metro, thats alright they can keep to themselves.
U WOT M8 3 months
Minneapolis isn’t the capital of Minnesota.

Zombie Pundit 3 months
It just makes no damn sense whatsoever why he would do that. Mental illness has got to be a factor here. It seems like somebody with even extreme race hatred would still spare a child from such violence.
D_D_181 3 months
It was said in the article that he had prior run ins with the law due to mental health and a brief banning from MOA.
Just An Opinion 3 months
Look at what the Palestinians have and are doing to Israeli children on an almost daily basis. There is lots of precedence for extreme hatred being directed at children.
Jackie MOD 2 months
maybe he really likes throwing things off that balcony? "Court records show Aranda was arrested on July 4, 2015, after police said he matched the description of a man throwing things off the upper level of the Mall of America to the lower level. " records also show the case was resolved in "mental health court".

Frederic Lück 3 months