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mike 5 months
Time to make some ultra rare turtle soup... 100k a bowl, use the proceeds to improve the habitat of remaining 3 turtles?
Gaunt Dusk 5 months
That's... pretty clever.
Oh my god...(no)
David Giarratana 5 months
Seems like a good idea. What else are we going to do with it? $250 k per bowl, though. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, after all.

Experiment Eks 5 months
Just let them have a threesome and tell them the fate of their species rests in their hands! If Barry White fails... Hello Dolly! I mean, cloning.
William Eblen 5 months
They are all male but I'm still onboard with this plan.

TheBornOfFire 5 months
if these 3 turtles are not all the same sex I have the beginnings of a plan... unless they are siblings... although we could just not tell them and throw on the Barry White, get the girl one drunk and turn down the lights.
Caio A 5 months
some animals don't get genetic problems by reproducing with siblings
Rburgoxd 5 months
william snedker 5 months
@caio mate that’s there only option

Unity.Nat 5 months
I mean their fate is already decided. Species will die and species will rise. Can't keep everything consistent in the world.

Minnow 5 months
Take some screenshots and archive this turtle in a museum. It's most likely gonna go extinct and the world will keep turning. Or falling if your a flat-Earther.

..... 5 months
Everything dies sooner in China.

Joseph Cribari 5 months
millions of species have gone extinct over the course of history on this planet. deal w it
David Giarratana 5 months
Almost all of them, in fact. Over 99%. Mother nature is not a conservationist.

Havoc44 5 months
bet you ditch Chinese guy ate it😂

Ywacch 5 months
Fastest way to avoid extinction: Just put all three in Alabama and tell them they’re related.

Nuclear Jellyfish 5 months
Great. it's in China. RIP evolution

Aaron 5 months
This is what happens in the one of the top three most polluted rivers in the world, bet the left will blame America for it somehow.

Gaunt Dusk 5 months
Last known female? Too bad you can't try to breed the males with the closest relative species?